Why Is Hot Flash Eliminator Needed During The Holidays?

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There are many factors and conditions that make the holiday season an unbearable time for those suffering from hot flashes. The single biggest factor is STRESS! That is why, during these holidays, it is great there is a product like Hot Flash Eliminator.

Stops hot flashes cold!

About a month ago I saw your product and decided to buy one. I checked up on the ingredients and checked with my family doctor and pharmacist to make sure it was okay to take. Thanks to you I have a life again!

When stress levels change, the body increases the production of cortisol resulting in hot flashes sweats and uncontrolled mood swings. At this time of year people tend to be get much less sleep and tend to put a lot of stress on the body. What presents to buy, meals to prepare, family issues to navigate, the financial burdens, the need to realize the dream of the picture perfect Christmas and people wrestle with the overwhelming knowledge that it all comes with a price.

Singing Christmas Carols and getting liquored up just isn’t going to cut it! In fact, if things are stressful now, don’t even go there, Alcohol is like pouring gasoline on an already raging fire.
So the option is to suppress it. People put it all on the card and deal with it over time in the New Year. But, let’s face it; in the back of their minds they get a cold sweat over the realization of what lies ahead before even having a full blown hot flash and, sure enough, on comes a real doozie. OMG, let's just peel off clothes and jump in the nearest snow bank.
Perhaps a little comfort food will work.

Because there is much to do, people soldier on, looking for relief, from comfort foods people love wherever they can find them. Perhaps that good old comfort food Chocolate. But that’s no good because according to studies at the University of Michigan Health Centre, chocolate can trigger hot flashes because it contains chemical stimulants that may raise the body’s internal thermostat; not such a sweet idea. Sugar and foods that act like sugar in the system, such as refined carbohydrates, can cause blood glucose levels to spike and then dive rapidly. These blood sugar peaks and valleys often incite late-night sweating, particularly if combined with sweet and high-carb foods with caffeine and alcohol, two other substances known to trigger night sweats.

So what to do when surrounded by stressful situations and thoughts, surrounded by scrumptious foods and delicacies (after all it’s tradition.) and further stressed out by the thought of trading off temporary pleasures for impending doom; payback in the form of massive thighs, and bellies and searing internal heat and sweating that surely will follow?
Decision time. What to do and how to deal with all this stuff without becoming at risk?
Well, sweat no more. There is a solution and one that is so simple, so immediate and so safe that it will literally blow peoples minds. A Canadian product called Hot Flash Eliminator has been saving sufferers with hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings for the past 71/2 years. By taking it under the tongue, the drops work instantly to deliver the ingredients with the speed like that of nitroglycerine during a heart attack directly to the hypothalamus, the body’s internal thermostat. So effective is this product that the manufacturer offers a no hassle money back guarantee if people do not get the desired relief. The company states that during the past 71/2 years its national return rate is less than 3%!

The fact that it works instantly is great. But, is it safe, and what’s in it?
Hot Flash Eliminator is made from Flower essences infused into distilled water base with a small amount of brandy (as preservative). It is a true energy product that harnesses the emotional and physical healing properties of these exotic essences and further energizes the mixture with Reiki. The resulting relief is exceptional and unprecedented!
Hot Flash Eliminator contains no plant-based phytoestrogens and is therefore totally safe to use for Cancer patients, for MS sufferers and for women on estrogen suppressing drugs like Tamoxifen or Evista. The product will not contraindicate with any medication, prescribed or over-the-counter.
To learn more about Hot Flash Eliminator, please visit: http://www.hotflasheliminator .com or contact the company directly at 1-888-503-5274

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