The Delicious Dietitian Shares the Top Tips for Eating Smart in December to Prevent the Jiggle in January

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The dreaded holiday weight gain doesn't have to happen to you. Follow these easy tips to avoid becoming a bowl full of jelly.

most people don’t realize that it might take several months to lose the weight that’s gained over the holidays.

Don’t Pack on the Pounds this Holiday Season

Most people gain 5-7 pounds over the holidays, but The Delicious Dietitian, a group of Registered Dietitians in Mobile, Alabama, is working hard to keep people from gaining extra weight this holiday season. Haley Lacey, MS, RD, Executive Dietitian says “People eat whatever they want in December planning to go on a diet in January, but most people don’t realize that it might take several months to lose the weight that’s gained over the holidays.”

The Delicious Dietitian offers these tips to help you avoid packing on the pounds this December.

Eat regular meals and snacks. Don’t try to “save up” calories for parties or big meals by skipping meals. “A snack that has a complex carbohydrate and some protein is a great way to fill up before a party. Something like an apple with peanut butter can help curb your appetite so you don’t over do it on high calorie party foods,” says Lacey.

Watch the drinks. Extra calories in cocktails add up quickly. Lacey states, “The average glass of Eggnog is about 350 calories, a better choice is a glass of wine, which averages about 120 calories per glass. Limit yourself to two glasses then switch to a low calorie drink. Club soda with lime looks festive, but has zero calories.”

Pay attention to everything that you eat. Chew gum while cooking to prevent snacking while in the kitchen, keep a food journal and record everything you put in your mouth. “People underestimate the calories that they take in because they forget about the small things: the fun size candy bar, the candy cane, or bite of brownie, which add an extra 100 calories each.”

Exercise. “People blow off exercise during the busy holiday season,” states Lacey If getting to the gym is not going to happen, try to get some exercise in your daily schedule. Take the stairs, park in the furthest spot you can find at the mall or grocery store, or take an extra lap around the store. Keep in mind, however, that exercise does not give license to over indulge!

Change your focus. Go to parties to socialize, not eat and drink. Play games or create a new activity. When you shift your focus, food becomes an afterthought, not the main attraction.

About The Delicious Dietitian
The Delicious Dietitian serves patients in person throughout the Gulf Coast, and by phone or online throughout North America, offering real nutrition solutions that work for real people. Through individual or family sessions, the staff of The Delicious Dietitian develops dietary recommendations based on each patient’s specific nutritional needs. In addition to being the only Gulf Coast private practice providing dietitian services, The Delicious Dietitian sells fruit wine vinegars and salt-free, sugar-free spice blends that can add calorie-free spice to a variety of restricted diets.

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