Anthony Green Offers $100 Pre-Registration Bonus for His New SAT Self-Study Program

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SAT expert, Anthony-James Green, is offering parents and students a $100 pre-registration bonus for his brand-new self-study program, The 90-Day SAT Prescription. For the first time ever, Green is sharing with the public his effective strategies for achieving Ivy-level scores.

Renowned SAT tutoring expert Anthony-James Green is offering parents and students a $100 pre-registration bonus for his 90-Day SAT Prescription, a new self-study program Green is offering to the public for the first time. Green's strategies have helped students increase their scores by 400 points on average.

Until now, students and parents seeking ways to achieve elite SAT scores have turned to one option: SAT classroom courses. These one-size-fits-all classroom environments do not address each individual student's unique set of strengths and weaknesses and fall flat at helping students gain an impressive increase in their SAT scores.

Recent research into effective learning strategies proves what Green has learned from working one-on-one with his students: classroom learning is ineffective. It does not provide individualized feedback, customization, or user engagement – three essential elements of any effective learning program. Despite their shortcomings, SAT classroom courses are highly profitable.

“SAT classroom courses have remained the go-to strategy for students and parents because large test prep firms have large advertising budgets, allowing them to look like the only game in town,” says Green, a hugely successful one-on-one SAT tutor from New York City. “I want parents to stop wasting their money on these kinds of programs and realize that they are basically useless. Any exposure to SAT strategies will produce some results in any student; if parents are going to spend money to improve their child's test scores, they should expect to see drastic improvements in their children's scores.”

Green, a hugely successful SAT expert in New York City, has combined his effective strategies into a self-study program, The 90 Day SAT Prescription, which he is making available to the public for the very first time on Jan. 3. The 90 Day Prescription is designed to improve students' scores by hundreds of points in only 90 days.

The 90 Day SAT Prescription will cost $379.95 once it's launched on January 3rd of 2013, but parents and students can get a free $100 discount code if they sign up for Green's pre-launch list here:

Addressing the need to change the way students study for the SAT, Green, who is now booked nearly 18 months in advance for his one-on-one services, has The 90 Day SAT Prescription to share his successful SAT strategies with the public. On average, Green's students improve their scores by an average of nearly 400 points, and sometimes as much as 700-800 points, using his proven techniques.

“Parents turn to large test prep firms and spend thousands of dollars on the programs because they really believe the programs are going to work, but they don't,” says Green. “Parents see a 40, 50, or 60 point improvement and think the program is working. That level of improvement is a joke! Parents should expect their kids to go up between 300 and 500 points.”

Parents and students looking for Green's free guide, "100 Points in 100 Minutes," can download it for free by signing up for his mailing list at his main booking site:

Other programs offer thousands of pages of random practice problems, tips, and explanations. What they fail to do, according to Green, is show students how to use the tips.

The 90 Day Prescription is a step-by-step program that replicates the same effective techniques and strategies Green successfully uses to help his one-on-one students learn how to ace the SAT.

“I'm excited to offer these proven test-taking methods to more students,” says Green of his 90 Day Prescription. “My step-by-step program combines the elements of an effective, well-structured learning plan with the flexibility of an individualized system. I give students exact instructions on what to do each day depending on their unique needs, strengths, and weaknesses. My program allows students to analyze their own performance, break down weaknesses, and isolate the areas they need to focus on. This is the same exact system I have been delivering to my personal clients in New York City.”

Green has been called New York's best SAT tutor. As the founder of Test Prep Authority, author of four books on the topic of SAT prep, creator of Vivid Vocab, a wildly popular SAT vocabulary software, and co-creator of Every College Question Answered, Green has already made a mark on the SAT prep industry. The launch of the 90 Day SAT Prescription will be his first entry into the "full program" market.

For more information about Green and to get more of his test-taking advice, visit his website:

The Test Prep method is run by Anthony-James Green and based in New York City.


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