Kettlebell Exercises Trainer Lorna Kleidman Applauds WebMD Article on Kettlebell Exercises

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Lorna Kleidman offers a response to an article published by WebMD regarding the benefits of using kettlebells over dumbbells.

On December 15, kettlebell trainer Lorna Kleidman reacts to a recent WebMD article on the benefits of training with kettlebells rather than dumbbells.

According the WebMD article, “hoisting the heavy metal bells not only helps strengthen your arms and pecs, but also works your core, heart and lungs.” The article goes on to state, that while using kettlebells “your body has to work harder to maintain balance. In so doing, you work many different muscle groups - and get your heart rate up at the same time.”

The article went on to say that kettlebell exercises are great for many different people looking for many different results from their workouts. This includes rehab patients, football players, women looking for better muscle tone without that “bodybuilder” look, and anyone who is looking to increase strength as well as endurance.

The article reveals that many kettlebell exercises can take as little as 20 to 30 minutes a day. However, before you start a new kettlebell training regimen, you should “consult with your instructor for the weight you will need. Some people prefer to buy the bells in sets of three because, with work, it won’t be long until you are moving up to the next weight,” the article stated.

“The great thing about using kettlebells, as this article pointed out, is that they work out your core muscles, meaning your abs, lower back and obliques,” Kleidman said. “Having a strong core is essential to prfroming daily activites as well as getting into great shape and lose weight.”

According to the article, kettlebells were first developed by Russian farmers. Eventually it developed into a competitive sport and took off as a workout in the U.S. and other countries.

Lorna Kleidman is a Three-Time World Champion and World Record holder in kettlebell sport and the most decorated kettlebell athlete in the country. She developed the innovative methods used in KettleX as a way to bring the benefits of the bells to everyone in an easy to use, comprehensive and fun format. Lorna has been teaching individuals and group classes for the past six years.


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