PRSONA Sets New Bar for Global Recruiting, Deploys Innovative New Staffing Model into Marketplace

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PRSONA converges the principles of social media with staffing to meet employer demands of hiring qualified talent while saving companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process. As two brothers explain, the landscape of staffing is changing and PRSONA is setting the pace.

Prsona, socially-charged jobs

Prsona is a virtual marketplace and online platform for on-site contract staffing based on the principles of social media. (

We're excited about what we're doing with Prsona because it's going to shake up the giant staffing and posting markets.

The world of staffing was outdated and expensive until Prsona entered the marketplace just 11 short months ago, creating a new staffing model that blends a professional network with a staffing company. Prsona uses a proprietary new technology to bridge the world of social media to staffing. It was created to modernize the recruiting process using the principles of social media. Professionals can find hundreds of job opportunities, while employers can hire qualified people – all with a new technology based on social recruiting. It is technology worth looking at because it will change the future of how people apply for jobs, and how companies like Google, Microsoft, and IBM will find recruits.

Prsona is a new concept in staffing, where the recruiting process is managed entirely online, thereby shaving away the high costs associated with traditional staffing. For job seekers, Prsona utilizes social media and pre-qualification testing in what many are calling the next generation of finding a career online.

Because Prsona has done away with a brick and mortar location, instead utilizing the online space to manage the recruitment process, it has completely modernized global recruiting while setting an entirely new bar for staffing.

Born in 2010, and later incorporating in January of this year, Prsona was created by staffing pros Branson Bollinger and Brendon Bollinger – two ambitious brothers from Fort Worth, Texas – who recognized the need employers had in finding qualified talent while saving money in the process. Having worked as recruiters for large firms, it became evident to both brothers that staffing could and should be reinvented.

Just months after Prsona launched online this year, it quickly gained traction in the staffing industry, making its mark most notably in the technology sector. Since launching its beta site this year, over 2,000 job seeking professionals and nearly 100 companies have joined in on the revolution, making Prsona one of the most intriguing tech startups in the Los Angeles area.

"We're excited about what we're doing with Prsona because it's going to shake up the giant staffing and posting markets," explains co-founder Branson Bollinger. "We saw the gaps in the staffing business, and understood the areas that needed to change. By making it possible for companies to lower their traditional hiring costs significantly, we can help usher in a new wave of job growth, transform an industry, and make a difference in people's that's what we set out to do."

***How it works***

Prsona is the first to put pricing in the hands of the hiring manager – a refreshing change of pace for employers who typically have no idea what markup rate they are paying to hire qualified personnel.

That outdated concept is a now thing of the past.

Prsona has created a proprietary contract pricing model that allows for client markups to be totally dependent on the duration set for the contractor. There are no buy-out fees – a concept that has employers celebrating as well. So in the event a contract is up, employers can simply end it or extend it at a better rate.

Best yet, Prsona still allows employers to fill jobs in half the time it would normally take a brick and mortar staffing agency to find the same qualified talent.


Prsona is free for job-seeking professionals, which draws in a wealth of qualified applicants, and companies who use Prsona don't pay anything until the candidate is hired for the job.

Prsona also utilizes skill tests, which gives employers an added layer of quality control that did not previously exist, allowing hiring managers to find talent quickly without having to wade through hundreds of unqualified applicants. Employers can also search directly for candidates that scored well in any skill and click to interview or hire without ever uploading a posting.

***For the job-seeking professional***

Prsona’s magic lies in its unique ability to draw in job-seeking candidates to apply to job postings. Since almost all current Prsona professionals registered through job postings, it is clear that people appreciate a professional social network that can actually facilitate their hire and get the paychecks coming.

And, job seeking professionals are turning to Prsona to find their next career because pre-qualification testing distinguishes them in a competitive hiring landscape.

The pre-qualification tests allow potential hires to showcase their skill set directly onto their profile, making their applications stand apart from others with a score for each test they've taken. It’s this principle that has attracted thousands of applicants since Prsona launched in January, giving employers a wide range of qualified applicants to interview and hire.

***The bottom line***

With contract rates at a low 30 percent markup, and a direct placement rate of 5 percent, Prsona has all the ingredients for shifting the employment paradigm. With the ability to facilitate contracts across the United States, and handle direct placements globally for international offices, Prsona can cover more ground with fewer resources than the competition.

For more information on Prsona, or to post a free job posting now, log onto and join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, and LinkedIn.

***About Prsona, Inc.***

Prsona is a virtual marketplace and online platform for on-site contract staffing. Prsona is the premier place to post, search, interview, create offers, hire and manage a scalable professional workforce online. By bridging the gap between the professional network and agency recruiting, Prsona offers a new way to hire and find jobs while eliminating unneeded costs and saving the employer thousands of dollars throughout the process.

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