Puhua International Hospitals (PIH) Names New Directors

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Puhua International Hospitals-Temple of Heaven, Beijing, China, announced today the appointment of: Dr. Yalan Jin, Director of B-Ultrasonography and Dr. Xiu Qing Yang, Assistant Director of Neurology.

Puhua International Hospitals: the International Standard for Health Care in Beijing, China

Beijing, China (PRWEB) December 06, 2012—
Puhua International Hospitals (PIH)-Temple of Heaven (http://www.puhuachina.com) has been a leading international standard hospital in Beijing, China, for the past 20 years. During that time PIH has maintained a dominant presence in Beijing in neurology, neurosurgery and related areas of medicine and surgery. PIH is the only international hospital in Beijing to routinely evaluate, treat and admit patients from around the world. Patients come to PIH with diagnoses such as: central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) injury and trauma; glioma; seizure disorders; cerebral palsy; Parkinson's disease; ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease); Batten disease; brain and pituitary tumor; multiple sclerosis (MS); cerebral-vascular disease and stroke; and various neuropathic and myopathic disorders. PIH also has vigorous programs of Integrative Oncology and Diabetes. It is into this culture, with its tradition of excellence, that Puhua International Hospitals-Temple of Heaven welcomes Dr. Yalan Jin as Director of B-ultrasonography, and Dr. Xiu Qing Yang as Assistant Director, Department of Neurology.

Puhua International Hospitals-Temple of Heaven, Beijing (http://www.puhuachina.com) is a Center of Excellence in neurology and neurosurgery. In addition to its high level of diagnostic and therapeutic expertise, PIH has become a world leader in applied biotechnology, cellular science and applied stem cell technology. It is in these areas of applied clinical research that remarkable progress is being made at PIH in the areas of: spinal cord repair; post-traumatic brain injury; cerebral palsy; Parkinson’s disease; cerebral-vascular and cardio-vascular disease, and diabetes. Other conditions managed at PIH include difficult tumors and cancers, metabolic diseases and genetic disorders. By utilizing cellular/regenerative medicine and biotechnology at the time of surgical repair for spinal cord and brain injury, the neurosurgeons and clinical scientists at PIH are today re-defining what is possible in recovery from neurological injury and disease.

Puhua International Hospitals-Temple of Heaven welcomes two new leading clinicians into this tradition of excellence and community of achievement: Dr. Xiu Qing Yang (Assistant Director of Neurology) and Dr. Yalan Jin (Director of the Department of B-ultrasonography).

Dr. Yang comes to PIH with a rich background in both clinical and academic neurology. On the one hand, she is a dedicated and active front-line neurologist who daily sees many patients with headache, seizure disorders, cerebral-vascular disease and other common (as well as uncommon) neurological problems. On the other hand, Dr. Yang has published more than fifty (50) research and academic papers and articles for domestic and overseas journals, and is widely respected in China for her achievements in the field of neurology. She has worked for the national government of China as a medical expert and analyst, and has been widely praised and acknowledged by the national media in China. Dr. Yang has worked with and trained many doctors who have since become experts in their respective areas of neurology. From 2000-2008, Dr. Yang was staffing the Macao General Hospital as a medical expert in neurology.

Puhua International Hospitals-Temple of Heaven, Beijing, is pleased and honored to welcome Dr. Xiu Qing Yang as the newly appointed Assistant Director of Neurology, and to extend a warm welcome to the new B-ultrasound Director, Dr. Yalan Jin.

Dr. Yalan is ranked as one of the leading physicians in China, and was formerly the Director of B-ultrasonography Services at the famous Tiantan Neurological Hospital in Beijing, where she had the distinction of working in distinguished leadership roles for more than 40 years. Dr. Yalan is the new Director of B-ultrasonography Services at Puhua International Hospitals-Temple of Heaven, Beijing. She has extensive training and expert-level experience in diagnostic B-ultrasonography for many types of disease, including those of the liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen, kidney, thyroid, breast, and reproductive system. In addition, Dr. Yalan is highly skilled in obstetrical ultrasound.

Dr. Yalan has personally examined 300,000 primary patient cases by ultrasound, and an additional 50,000 people in expert referral/consultation. She has published widely, with literally hundreds of academic papers in prominent medical journals, including: "China JMIT," "Practical Gynecology" and "Obstetrics."

These important new staff appointments underscore and highlight the expanding mission of Puhua International Hospitals. While it has always been a Center of Excellence in neurology and neurosurgery, PIH has also grown into a fully licensed, full-service hospital with over 60 inpatient beds, busy operating rooms and a fully-staffed, western standard ICU.

Puhua International Hospitals-Temple of Heaven cares for both adults and children in Beijing, as does its full service outpatient clinic (Puhua International Hospitals-Shuangjing)
(http://www.puhuaclinic.com) which has been open for ambulatory care since 2010.

Puhua International Hospitals-TEDA, Tianjin (http://www.wetreatyourheart.com), opened in 2012 to serve cardio-vascular-related disorders in coordination with the TEDA International Cardiac Hospital (TICH), Tianjin.
Dr. Xiu Qing Yang (Assistant Director of Neurology) and Dr. Yalan Jin (Director of B-ultrasonography) at Puhua International Hospitals-Temple of Heaven, Beijing (http://www.puhuachina.com), join a dynamic, respected and forward-driving community of excellence dedicated to one simple mission: to bring to each patient today the best of tomorrow’s health care. Puhua International Hospitals may be contacted directly by calling +86-10-670355566 (Beijing), by writing to info(at)puhuachina(dot)com, or by visiting the website at http://www.puhuachina.com. Additional information regarding Puhua International Hospitals may be found at Wikipedia (http://www.wikipedia.com), You Tube (http://www.youtube.com), and Face Book (http://www.facebook.com).

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