One Touch Automates Rounding and Reminders to Boost Patient Care on Jeron’s New Provider® 790 Nurse Call System

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In a busy hospital environment, forgetting to check on a patient for routine or special follow-up procedures can have dire consequences. Jeron's Provider 790 nurse call system offers an automated rounding and reminder feature to keep everyone on schedule.

This is a feature that nurses, nurse managers and patients will appreciate. The system is the solution.

Today, Ericka Baran, Vice President at Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc., announced a rounding and reminder option for the company’s Provider 790 nurse call platform. “This is a feature that nurses, nurse managers and patients will appreciate,” stated Baran, “because it automatically reminds nursing staff of repeating and one-time patient visits. Patients are assured of being checked regularly for routine tasks, and staff are freed from concerns about overlooking a critical duty. The system provides the solution.”

Technology interventions can have a tremendous impact on patient health in a hospital setting. A recent NIH (National Institutes of Health) narrative reported: “As hospitals increase the adoption of health informatics systems … virtual reminder systems may become more common. There is growing evidence that these types of reminders may improve adherence to evidence-based guidelines, as well as the prevention of other infectious diseases and chronic conditions.” Similar studies from a variety of medical specialties have commented on automated reminders as reducing caregiver fatigue, improving compliance and promoting patient satisfaction.


Here’s how Provider 790 nurse call automatically keeps staff on schedule with the Rounding and the Self-Reminder options:

Rounding is a repeating reminder to revisit a patient within a set period of time, often used to check on wounds, pain, or to turn patients.

  • The caregiver or nurse manager sets the Rounding for a specific patient.
  • The patient’s assigned caregiver(s) are automatically reminded when the time period expires (via the dome light, phone, pager, or PC Console display).
  • The caregiver visits the patient and resets the Rounding.
  • If the first caregiver on patient’s team doesn’t respond within a set time period, then other caregivers on the team are notified of the missed Rounding event.

A Self-Reminder is a one-time event, typically scheduled by the caregiver, to follow-up with their patient after a procedure or event.

  • The caregiver sets the Self-Reminder.
  • The system automatically reminds the caregiver to visit the patient (via the dome light, phone, pager, or PC Console display).
  • The caregiver visits the patient and resets the Self-Reminder.
  • If the first caregiver on patient’s team doesn’t respond within a set time period, then other caregivers on the team are notified of the missed Self-Reminder event.


One-Touch Self-Reminder – From either a 4-Button or Touchscreen Workflow station, a single button press starts a Self-Reminder timer in the patient room.

One-Touch Acknowledgement – An expired Rounding/Self-Reminder event can be acknowledged at the patient room by registering into the patient room at a staff presence station, pressing the cancel button on a patient station or by pressing the Self-Reminder button on the 4-Button or Touchscreen Workflow Station.

Hands-Free Acknowledgement – If the Provider 790 system includes the optional Real-Time Locating integration, the active Rounding/Self-Reminder event is acknowledged when the caregiver enters the patient room.

Touchscreen or 4-Button Stations – Facilities have the choice of the Touchscreen Workflow Terminal (supporting up to sixty workflow and Rounding/Reminder events) or one or more of the economical 4-Button Workflow Stations. Both touchscreen and 4-button stations can be intermixed on the same Provider 790 system to meet each area’s specific needs.

Initiate Roundings/Self-Reminders from Nurse Consoles and Staff Terminals – Caregivers can initiate a Rounding or Self-Reminder event from the touchscreen or 4-button station in each patient’s room or from a Nurse Console or Staff Terminal anywhere in the nursing unit. All of the active Roundings and Self-Reminders can be reviewed at the local Nurse Console(s) and Staff Terminal(s).

Team Based Roundings/Self-Reminders – The Rounding/Self-Reminders alerts can be configured with up to three levels of caregiver. If one caregiver can’t respond to a Rounding/Self-Reminder, other team members are alerted so they can back them up.

Dome Light Indication – The Dome Light located outside each patient room indicates an expired Rounding or Self-Reminder event with a flashing green, orange, or yellow indicator to direct caregivers to the room.


Wireless Notification – From anywhere throughout the facility, optional wireless phone or pocket pager integrations can notify caregivers of a Rounding/Self-Reminder event for one of their assigned patients.

Rounding/Self-Reminder Display – From any Windows® computer on the facility LAN, the optional PC Console Display shows the outstanding Roundings and Self-Reminders. Nurse managers in their office can use the software to monitor the activity for their unit while caregivers can use the software in staff areas to monitor the Roundings/Self-Reminder events for their patients.

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Provider 790 is a complete nurse call communication solution, offering clear VoIP digital/full-duplex audio, wireless phone and pocket pager integration, simple touch screen operation, automated alerting/workflow functionality and a wide spectrum of patient and staff area components – all designed to optimize patient care and staff efficiency. All Provider systems are backed by Jeron’s industry-leading five-year warranty.

ABOUT JERON ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS: A leader in communications systems for the healthcare industry, Jeron Electronic Systems is the engineering and manufacturing force behind Provider® nurse call systems. Provider systems facilitate communications, speed response times and integrate with a wide spectrum of alerting and notification technologies, all focused on delivering the highest levels of patient care. From its founding in 1965, Jeron has earned a solid reputation for innovation, quality and service. Jeron products are engineered and manufactured in the USA.

For more information regarding the Provider® 790 communication solution, visit or call 800.621.1903.

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