Law Of Attraction’s Original Practitioner And Renowned Motivational Speaker, Zig Ziglar, Dies at 86

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Law of Attraction’s Original Practitioner, Zig Ziglar, Was Known For His Folksy Sayings and Upbeat Motivational Seminars. Law Of Attraction Guru And Mind Movies Co-Founder Natalie Ledwell Shares How She Struggled to Practice Ziglar’s Teachings Until She Learned “The Secret.”

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Isn’t it amazing how we are designed for accomplishment, engineered for success and endowed with the seed of greatness?

Personal development guru Zig Ziglar had written over 25 books, produced video series and gave countless seminars on the power of positive thinking as the secret to success. A former door-to-door cookware salesman raised by a widowed mother, Ziglar was drawn to the power of self-help speakers and their ability to influence others. Known for sayings such as “If you aren’t on fire when you get work, then your wood is wet,” Ziglar’s books and speeches urged individuals to use the Law of Attraction, thinking positive thoughts of success and to look at “failure as an event, not a person.”

Ziglar once told Texas Monthly, “Isn’t it amazing how we are designed for accomplishment, engineered for success and endowed with the seed of greatness?” An avid golfer until his death, Ziglar would often use positive thinking and visualization techniques to try and break 70 on the course.

The Law of Attraction was the key to Natalie Ledwell, Mind Movies co-founder, being able to put Ziglar’s teachings into practice. A fan of motivational training, Ledwell struggled to achieve her goals. Ledwell would never set huge, audacious ones but instead goals she thought she could easily achieve. But after seeing the movie “The Secret,” Ledwell had an epiphany.

”When the Law of Attraction is at play, I don’t need to know how I’m going to do it. I just need to focus on the end result,” Ledwell shares. “I just need to get started and trust that the results I desire will manifest.”

Ledwell describes how one can combine Ziglar’s ideas with The Secret. “Before we even contemplate thinking about what we want and starting to set goals for ourselves, it is really important that we start from a positive vibration. If we contemplate goals in a positive vibration, goals will be set from inspiration rather than desperation.”    

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