South Coast MedSpa Laser Acne Scar Removal Release Latest Patient Success Story - Justin

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South Coast Med Spa release latest acne scar removal patient success story - recording the emotional roller coaster caused by acne scars. Justin, an actual patient, shares his struggle and eventual triumph over his acne scars.

Justin a young tall good looking hispanic american young man - began breaking out his freshman year. Justin was very popular among his peers the summer leading into his freshman year because he was a good basketball player and had a very likeable personality - but something terrible was happening with his skin until he found South Coast MedSpa.

According to Justin, “ The summer right before my freshman year I started noticing whiteheads and pimples beginning to pop up all over my face. At first I thought it was cool because it was a sign that I was going through puberty but after a few months I felt trapped in my own skin. My acne had gotten so bad that I didn’t want to go to school, I didn’t want to play basketball I was really depressed.”

Justin went through all 4 years of high school with a severe case of cystic acne, he sought the treatment of at least two Beverly Hills dermatologist but nothing seemed to work. After trying just about every known acne remedy available it got so bad that Justin began isolating himself and did not want to leave his house- Justin was depressed.

I first met Justin in late 2006 when he came to South Coast MedSpa seeking laser treatments for his acne scars. From the first meeting I had with Justin, I truly felt compassion for his situation. Justin had good bone structure and you could tell that he was handsome but his skin looked like ground beef. From my perspective as a patient coordinator at South Coast MedSpa I could feel his pain mixed with frustration. He broke down in tears as he told that had been to see a local dermatologist and had spent over ten thousands dollars in vain attempting to remove his acne scars.

Justin has since had a series of five laser acne scar removal treatments, which had a profoundly positive effect on his skin, that by his own observations he feels like he has achieved 75% improvement in his acne scars. I was so happy to witness such a transformation in Justin’s skin as well as his personality. Justin was no longer depressed and isolated - he changed and was now happy and always smiling. His sense of confidence was restored and he followed his dreams of becoming an actor and model and went on to become a successful working actor and model in Los Angeles. Not too long after regaining his self confidence Justin fell in love with his dream girl and they moved to London, England where they got married.

Justin was brave enough to allow South Coast MedSpa to share his journey with patients all over the world, by giving permission to post his acne scar removal before and after pictures online as well as his actual treatment videos on youtube. “ I wanted other people to find inspiration in my story, I want people to realize that their is hope even in their darkest hour when they feel trapped. Having acne and acne scars can make you feel like you are in prison, but my depression and pain has turned into a source of inspiration for thousands of people around the world. My acne scars have been almost completely removed, my skin certainly is not perfect but I am very happy with my face after the laser acne scar treatments performed at South Coast MedSpa.

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