Home Snuggers Provides Information on the Benefit of Foam Insulation in the Winter Months

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Advice on why homeowners in Maine would consider foam insulation over traditional types, especially as heating costs are on the rise.

...if you have an older or even newer home and notice drafts or rising heating costs during the winter.

The winter wind is blowing and snow is falling. This is the time of year that people might start noticing that their energy bill seems to get higher and higher over the years. Home Snuggers is residential insulation installer in Windham, ME, and their expertise cannot be ignored for anyone watching their energy bill throughout the state. There are a number of reasons that our heating bills get out of hand during these colder months. The most common reason for this would be that the insulation inside homes is not working properly. With that bit of knowledge, many will to look at the various types of insulation that is out there in an effort to keep their homes warm without continually paying an ever-increasing gas or electric bill. Good insulation is a major factor when it comes to reducing heating and cooling cost. One of the newer types of insulation that is out there now is foam insulation. Foam insulation is a type of home insulation that is sprayed into walls. This is the type of insulation that is great for hard to reach areas, where traditional roll insulation tends to fall short.

There are several different benefits to foam insulation that many people might not be aware of. The first benefit is that foam insulation can be put in over existing insulation so that you do not need to remove the current insulation to put in the new insulation. The foam insulation is actually designed to expand so that it is able to cover all the areas that are not currently covered with insulation.
Foam insulation in Maine can also help reduce noise travelling between walls and the inside and outside of a home. This would mean that those that live close to freeways or have neighbors that are not as quite as they would like can reduce the amount of noise that actually enters the home. The next benefit to foam insulation for the winter months would be it repels water. When winter is over and the snow starts to melt, foam insulation provides a reduced chance of water damage to the insulation in the attic. During this season, many put up decorations including various lights in, on, and around the house. This can lead to an increased chance of fire damage to homes. Having foam insulation that is fire resistant could help reduce the amount of damage to a home.

The last benefit to foam insulation during the winter months would be that it shuts out drafts while at the same time allowing the walls to breathe. Most insulation types are rated on an R-value scale the higher the R-value the better the insulation. When comparing the R-value for different types of insulation foam insulation has some of the best.

In Maine. foam insulation is not available at the local hardware store and would be something to be installed by a professional. For the benefit of the foam insulation over traditional insulation, however, it is certainly worth investigating if you have an older or even newer home and notice drafts or rising heating costs during the winter.

About Home Snuggers: Home Snuggers provides quality, affordable foam insulation in Maine.

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