Public Knowledge Appoints NVPR President To Board of Directors

Hal Bringman of NVPR joins PK board to strengthen digital media advocacy efforts

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We need to look deeper at the needs of the industry, locate sources of potential friction and identify solutions that can create stable markets that embrace innovation.

Washington DC (PRWEB) December 11, 2012

Public Knowledge, a digital media advocacy group aimed to preserve the openness and innovation of the Internet, announced today that NVPR founder and president, Hal Bringman, joins its board of directors. Bringman played a pivotal role in many of technology’s most groundbreaking events over the past 15 years as a communications strategist, digital media consultant and entrepreneur.

Based in Washington, D.C., Public Knowledge is a highly respected advocacy group that promotes creativity through balanced copyright; and upholds and protects the rights of consumers to use innovative technology lawfully. Public Knowledge provides valuable counsel to political and business leaders on the impact government policies and regulations may have on future innovations, market economies and consumers rights.

The following can be attributed to NVPR President Hal Bringman:

“It's a privilege to serve on the board of Public Knowledge, and share my opinions on matters that may shape innovation and consumer adoption of new technologies. I’ve seen first hand how innovations like digital distribution, mobile and social have forever changed existing markets, create entirely new industries and expand fiscal opportunities for investors. I believe it is critical to keep the path for innovation open while minimizing any negative impact it has on our society at large while also keeping copyright conglomerates in check with the balance of power.”

Bringman helped shape the implementation of digital distribution in the entertainment industry, which was introduced by the launch of and Napster. In 1998, Bringman launched as his company’s first client by introducing digital music to the market place taking the company from inception through IPO.

Subsequently, he helped usher in mobile entertainment well before it went mainstream and has recently helped guide some of social media’s biggest advances. Recently, Bringman acknowledged Double Down Interactive’s market potential and helped it reach the next level in the social gaming space. With his strategic vision, he helped build the company to be the fourth most popular social on Facebook in just a matter of a year and introduced the company to IGT who acquired the company for $500 million.

His firm has also caused a stir in the corridors of Hollywood and Washington, DC, alike with disruptive iTV startups whose business models challenge both legacy business models and lagging copyright reform.

“Emerging innovations are sometimes overregulated by laws or completely rejected altogether to protect monopolistic business models, and prevent new competitors from entering more established markets,” said Gigi Sohn, president of Pubic Knowledge. “But when doing so, it also prevents established companies from creating new revenue streams, improving services and broadening their customer base. We need to look deeper at the needs of the industry, locate sources of potential friction and identify solutions that can create stable markets that embrace innovation. We look forward to working with Mr. Bringman to help shed more light on our work outside of the beltway.”

Public Knowledge is currently advising on a wide range of technology-related issues and policies across the globe, many of which are going through the litigation process. To learn more about the advocacy’s stand on these topics, please visit:

About Public Knowledge

Public Knowledge is a Washington D.C.- based public interest group working to defend consumer rights in the emerging digital culture. More information is available at

About NVPR

NVPR is a Seattle and Los Angeles-based digital media consultancy well known for introducing disruptive technologies to the market. With an ROI emphasis and an entrepreneurial mindset, we help companies reach the next level, whether select start-ups, or major multinational corporations. Founded in 1998, the firm launched the digital music revolution and has continued to lead the digital media marketplace through today. The firm consults a wide range of clients providing them with strategic PR, marketing and business development services all delivered with a global perspective. For more information, please visit


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