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Leading mattress expert Online Bed Quilt responds to an article published by NBC Latino regarding advice for those suffering from insomnia.

On December 12, Online Bed Quilt responds to an article published by NBC Latino which discusses the rise of fatigue and insomnia during the holiday season, a trend which may have many of us lingering wistfully at the local mattress store. However, most of us fail to realize the serious health risks posed by sleeplessness. Symptoms of insomnia are well-known to many, since almost a third of all Americans experience it at some point, according to the article. Chronic insomnia can lower quality of life, leading to “low performance on the job or at school, slowed reaction time while driving with a higher risk of accidents, psychiatric problems such as depression, overeating, poor immune system function, and increased risk and severity of long term diseases, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes.”

Who’s most at risk for insomnia? According to the NBC Latino article, “the risk of persistent insomnia is greater if you are a woman; anyone older than age 60; unemployed; divorced; widowed; separated; or have a disruption in sleep/wake cycle. Women are much more likely to experience insomnia because of hormonal shifts during the menstrual cycle, especially during menopause. Many conditions associated with depression, bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress also disrupt sleep. Early morning awakening is a very classic symptom of depression. Stressful events may cause temporary insomnia such as the death of a loved one, divorce, unemployment and financial pressures. Night shift work or persistent travel across multiple time zones increases insomnia risk by interfering with normal wake/sleep cycles.”

The article includes several tips for battling sleeplessness. Most of this advice has to do with maintaining a routine -- get your body used to winding down at night, and once you’ve established a schedule, try and stick to it. If you must have a nap, keep it short, and try to limit them to the early afternoon. The article also suggests limiting consumption of stimulating food and beverages before bed. Keep your bedroom comfortable and warm enough.

Online Bed Quilt comments on the report, agreeing that people should be aware of the health risks associated with sleeplessness. In addition to the above tips, Online Bed Quilt recommends taking steps to make your mattress warmer -- softer surfaces insulate better than flat ones, so consider looking into memory foam mattresses. Alternatively, a fleece or flannel mattress cover or blanket provides better insulation than cotton. Online Bed Quilt also notes that many sleepers are woken by partners throughout the night -- consider opting for a larger blanket!

Online Bed Quilt is here to make sure you get a great night’s sleep. We are a family-owned bedding and furniture review company dedicated to helping you find the best mattress and sleep accessories. We collect and share product information, reviews, and the best and latest available sleep solutions. Learn about top brand mattresses, specialty products, and sleep accessories straight from Online Bed Quilt!


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