Dating Expert Carlos Xuma's New Report Reveals the All-Important and Forgotten Trick to Get Women: Don't Be a Wimp

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Carlos Xuma strongly reminds men in a new report that guys hurt their chances to get women just as much by being afraid to put their alpha male traits on show as by taking it over the top.

Carlos Xuma - Get Women

Carlos Xuma - How to Get Women

True alpha male behavior is something that all men should strive for, not just because it is the key to how to get women but because it is the key to live a happy successful, and fulfilling life.

The easiest way to attract women by the droves is to ditch any wimpy, beta behavior and start acting like a man, says Dating Expert Carlos Xuma in his new report on how to get women.

“Part of the problem is guys trying to portray a sensitive side and going overboard so they just come off wimpy instead of manly,” Xuma says in his report. “The past few decades have seen in increase in men who are afraid to exhibit alpha male traits. It really stems from confusion over what women really want. If men understood what women wanted, they would not hesitate to show their manly side.”

Too few men understand that they can exhibit alpha male characteristics, but also be the sensitive, caring guy that women say they are attracted to, Xuma explains.

“That’s the second part of the equation,” Xuma says in his report on how to get women. “The second mistake men make is that they don’t quite understand what being an alpha male is about. They mistakenly think that being an alpha male means being a jerk, but it doesn’t. That’s where the confusion lies.”

In short, men don’t want to be perceived as jerks, Xuma says, and so they shy away from being alpha males.

“The good news it that true alpha male characteristics are not jerk-like in the least,” says Xuma. “Being an alpha male means being confident, decisive and a leader. And let’s face it: most leaders who are jerks don’t lead very long. Most people want to follow someone who they respect. So being an alpha male is all about earning and keeping other people’s respect. Men and women.”

In his report on how to get women, Xuma outlines specifics on just what men can do if they want to increase or begin to show alpha male behavior in their interactions with women and others.

“It’s not just about how a guy acts on a date or when women are around,” Xuma explains. “It’s about how a guy acts all the time — even when nobody is watching. That is true alpha male behavior. It is something that all men in this society should strive for, not just because it is the key to how to get women but because it is the key to live a happy, successful, and fulfilling life.”

Carlos Xuma has also been recognized for his work sharing dating advice for guys; tips on pick up artist techniques, alpha male behavior, and how to talk to girls. Xuma is also the author of The Bad Boy Formula, Secrets of the Alpha Male, the Girlfriend Training Program, and numerous other books and articles. He has been a dating expert and attraction adviser for more than 10 years and has appeared on ABC and CBS television, as well as Playboy radio. He has spent years teaching hundreds of men how to attract and approach women, and shares dating advice for men on his website at

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