MSN Real Estate Features “Banking Bad’s” New Method of Addressing Grievances with Big Banks

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MSN Real Estate features the “Banking Bad” social media network in a recent article that outlined how its creator used social media as a new approach to deal with a shocking banking situation along with other customer service issues involving a big bank.

Bank of America loan modification

"Bank of America Wants you to Die" Video

I am a bit surprised to see the Banking Bad YouTube Channel get so many responses from dissatisfied consumers going through similar scenarios with big banks. There is a real need for improvement from a consumer’s standpoint.

A multitude of bank customers have complained about the loan modification process, but one Bank of America customer, De Veau Dunn, took his grievance to a new level. Dunn created a web series titled Bank of America Wants You to Die… Before They Modify after Bank of America repeatedly requested a death certificate along with other financial documents to complete his loan modification.

Dunn’s network is called “Banking Bad” and was recently featured on MSN Real Estate. “A straightforward financial transaction turned into a real life document mystery,” said Dunn, who turned to social media to voice his discontent after he felt Bank of America was mishandling his financial transaction. “I am a bit surprised to see the Banking Bad YouTube Channel get so many responses from dissatisfied consumers going through similar scenarios with big banks. There is a real need for improvement from a consumer’s standpoint,” continued Dunn. De Veau used social media as a tool after continually reporting banking problems and concerns to the bank itself through emails, letters, and phone calls, but still not getting the issues resolved.

Bloomberg Businessweek also did a feature story on Dunn and his Banking Bad channel. Businessweek week reporter Karen Weise said, “Dunn’s creation stands out for its higher production value and at times humorous writing.” Dunn said in response to the Businessweek article, “The mentions are nice, but the point of this channel is to help people that may not otherwise have a voice and might be silently enduring abuses from some large financial institution. If the media shines light on some dark banking practices, then it is truly worth it to me.” With over 30,000 views and well over 800 subscribers on YouTube, the Banking Bad channel appears to be slowly becoming a voice for many disgruntled consumers along with the Banking Bad Facebook page. One “Youtuber” in a comment left on the Banking Bad YouTube page said, “Thank you for putting such a compelling voice to the pain of so many of us.”

Dunn has also teamed up with homeowners advocate Steve Triebernig, who hosts the Facebook page “Keep Bank of America Honest.” Steve Triebernig has been instrumental in helping numerous homeowners’ in dealing with the banks in order to save their homes through his company All Things Real Estate. Steve’s company has been nominated for a Better Business Bureau Integrity Award and is located in Minnesota.

To date there have been two episodes released in the Banking Bad series. Banking Bad Episode 1 – chronicles the story of "Dee", who was seeking a loan modification with Bank of America. This transaction became increasingly more complicated when the bank sent two separate letters saying, "they need" a "Death Certificate" as one of their requirements to process his loan modification. Banking Bad Episode 2 – explores loan modifications on a larger scale. Through broadcasting his story onto social media, "Dee" becomes a major contributor to a growing network of consumers banning together to stop bad behavior from big banks. The main character, “Dee,” interviews a home loan advocate who in turn gives lurid details of why some home loan modifications get stalled.

About Banking Bad:
The Banking Bad website and YouTube channel are dedicated to educating and informing the public of strange or immoral activities involving banking institutions. Banking Bad’s social media experience including the Banking Bad Twitter page allows users to join the conversation and exchange information about their latest loan modification or banking pitfalls or successes.

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