Just Renew It Recommends Sanitization with a Commercial Steam Cleaner to Beat the Flu this Season

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Stop using old ineffective technology to get rid of germs in your business and look toward the proven benefits of steam vapor cleaners.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that the flu season is expected to peak between the months of January and February. As part of running any business, managers must concern themselves with the cleanliness of the environment, and this time of year brings this concern to the forefront. Just Renew It provides commercial steam cleaners to businesses across the nation. They do not just supply any old steam cleaner, though—not the kind that can be purchased at a local home goods store. Instead, they specialize in industrial steam vapor cleaners. There is a big difference between the two types of steam cleaners. The kind of steam cleaner one would buy from the store is designed for rugs and carpets whereas industrial steam vapor cleaners produce 95 percent or better of steam rather than warm water and cleaning solution.

Commercial vapor cleaners heat water to boiler temperatures so that mostly steam is released. Some models come with chemical reservoirs, although the majority of the cleaning with these machines is done with the pressure and heat of steam. This means there is very little to clean up. Furthermore, users are not left dealing with allergic reactions or irritation often caused by cleaning detergents and enzymes. Instead of jut cleaning surfaces including floors, walls, doors, and furniture, industrial vapor cleaners sanitize, killing most germs, removing dirt and grime, and leaving behind a clean area. This is a major boon for those businesses looking to minimize the risk of illness among staff and customers.

Many businesses have been looking for a way to provide clean and healthy environments for patrons and employees while simultaneously trying to cut costs. Professional cleaning services can be costly. Purchasing easy to use equipment such as a commercial steam vapor cleaner can make all the difference in the world. Residential models are often not built to handle larger jobs. These lower end models also have a tendency to contain a number of plastic components, which simply do not last as long or stand up to more rigorous uses that higher end commercial steam cleaners do. A residential steam cleaner might be effective for small applications or very specific uses, but the investment in an industrial steam vapor cleaner provides a much greater benefit.

Used in a variety of industries—hotels, hospitals, manufacturing, food processing, professional cleaning, retail establishments, office buildings, and more—the industrial vapor cleaner serves to effectively eradicate more than 90 percent of germs commonly found on all variety of surfaces. They are commonly used to clean food preparation areas, bathrooms, living quarters, cubicles, furniture, floors, entryways, and more. Business owners can experience that kind of benefit with an upfront purchase and the cost of water and power. They can avoid the cost of expensive chemicals—chemical solutions that may be ineffective or unable to be used around people—when the opt to go with a steam cleaner that produces actual steam vapor. Furthermore, while ridding their businesses of germs, there are not putting water into carpet, crevices, and so on; this can lead toward problems down the line such as mold growth.

The benefit of an industrial steam cleaner for businesses is already evident. It is a safe, cost containing method to effectively sanitize all variety of surfaces improving the health and safety of employees, clients, and vendors. With flu season already started and looking to get worse before it is better, this is the sort of investment many businesses cannot afford to overlook.

About Just Renew It: Providing high quality industrial, commercial steam vapor cleaners to US businesses. Just Renew It believes in offer first in class customer service and thoroughly vetting all designs for the highest performance, effectiveness, and quality.

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