Attorney Brent Dishman Wins a Full Acquittal for Sergeant

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Attorney Brent Dishman from Dishman Military Advocates was able to negotiate a full acquittal for a staff sergeant who was charged with fraud, two counts of larceny and two counts of making false official statements.

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Military members who are court martialed often have more to lose than just their reputation. Militia members may lose their jobs, positions, and freedom all in one conviction. Most soldiers who are proven guilty of a crime can be issued a dishonorable discharge from their position. Recently, an 11-year staff sergeant was summoned to attend a general court trial (Case No. Special Order A-017, General Court Martial at Buckley AFB, CO). This military member previously served in the United States Navy and the Air National Guard. Despite his valiant efforts serving in the Armed Forces for over a decade, this client was at risk to being discharged from his position. He also faced at least 35 years in prison for his crimes if he was convicted.

According to legal documents, the sergeant was charged with one count of fraud, two counts of larceny, and two counts of making false official statements. Despite his many charges and the heavy sentence looming ahead, the sergeant maintained that he was innocent. He pled “not guilty” in front of the officer members at his court martial hearing. Attorney Brent Dishman came alongside this accused individual and negotiated with the court in order to get the client’s fraud charge dismissed. He effectively argued that the charge was too similar to the larceny charges. It was dismissed in a pretrial motion.

Before the trial began, Attorney Dishman tactfully crossed all government witnesses including a major, two chief master sergeants and a lieutenant colonel. With their testimonies to help, he went to trial and argued for the staff sergeant’s innocence. The government took two years to bring this case to trial, and Attorney Dishman was hired to work on the case only three weeks before the trial started. He had no prior knowledge of the case but was able to achieve a full acquittal within four days. With help from the witnesses that he gathered, Attorney Dishman showed that there was not enough evidence to prove that the client was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

After seven hours of deliberation, the jury finally chose to declare this sergeant “not guilty” of all charges and specifications. Attorney Dishman accomplished this impressive feat due to his knowledge of military law and strategic approach to the case. He formerly served as a soldier in the Air Force and eventually became the number one trial defense attorney in the Air Force. Attorney Dishman eventually chose to leave the military and open his own military criminal defense firm where he could help service members with their accusations. He has a record of successes to prove that he is an accomplished and hardworking lawyer who is dedicated to justice. Attorney Dishman will defend militia members in criminal defense and personal injury cases.

Dishman Military Advocates is a military defense firm that is dedicated to helping those accused of crimes and those who have not been given rightful compensation after suffering from a military injury or condition. Attorney Brent Dishman founded this military firm so that he could help the soldiers, sailors, coast guardsmen, airmen and other military workers. He is empathetic to their suffering, because he served in the military for many years. In the past, Attorney Dishman has served as a flight commander and a maintenance officer before he was hired to work as a trial defense attorney for the Air Force. His success in this position caused him to gain the title “Number One Trial Defense Attorney in the Air Force.” Whenever clients need assistance on a military case, Dishman Military Advocates is there to lend a hand. Learn more about this firm at their website:

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