12-12-12 A Significant Date for the Launch of an Independent Christian Record Label "Handmaiden Music" with the Simultaneous Release of 12 Albums by Elizabeth Norland

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"Most Christian Music is in the Direction of Man - Singing Praise and Worship - Toward God", explains Recording Artist, Elizabeth Norland, "...But the Music that the Lord Gives Me is Music that Is Coming From Him - Toward His People and Those He is Calling to Himself - To Comfort, Edify, and Exhort, all in Jesus' Name."

It is time to TUNE IN to what He, Christ The Lord, is saying, and what better way than through scriptural music! Handmaiden Music is not Entertainment, But Inspiration. May God Bless Each Listener of Handmaiden Music who comes to receive HIS DOWNLOADS!

Handmaiden Music Has A Two-Fold Mission: To Disciple Believers In An Enjoyable Way (Christian Music), And To Impart God’s Peace (Instrumentals).

Handmaiden Music can be sampled on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, and other internet music download sites (search artist Elizabeth Norland). There are 12 Albums and 3 Singles to sample, and each Christian Music Song holds a different "sound" and "style", as well as a "message" in the music, a Sermon In Song.

Listeners are also invited to enjoy a one-on-one worship experience of sampling generous clips and viewing lyrics on the Handmaiden Music website in the privacy of your own home or office. No dressing up, no going out in the cold, no matter if you feel "under the weather", you can still be receiving the Word of God in song, being strengthened in your heart for whatever is ahead.

Handmaiden Music is a solo work. Elizabeth Norland has written the music and lyrics of all the 149 songs now featured under this label. In addition, she composed and layed down all the background tracks, trying to duplicate what she was hearing within her spirit, knowing when God "was downloading" something important for her to share. After laying down her lead vocals upon those background tracks, she then layered all the vocal harmony tracks too, as she would hear them within her spirit. The work was done one recording session at a time over an extended period of time, consuming income, and at the cost of ridicule by some. Yet now the end result has come, with today's launch of Handmaiden Music. Clearly a miracle of God. Done this slow way, more-than-likely, to keep His Messages pure, and to protect her with humbling circumstances during the creative process, to keep focus. Technician, Tony Rominger of Note-Orious Sound Recording Studio is commended for the recording sessions and mastering.

Elizabeth emphasizes, "It's really still not about the music. There are better musicians. I have no formal training, and I'm not an entertainer. I am a Handmaiden, serving My Lord. Simply His, Serving My Savior, Sharing My Songs... and thus my music label is called Handmaiden Music. I rejoice to share The Truth from His Word in song, or His Peace in my Instrumentals. It was all created in Christ, through Christ, and for Christ, He the author and finisher of my faith. Even I enjoy listening to my own music, and wonder "How did this happen?" It ministers to me myself. So, I really already know that if this label flops, as a business venture, or if God breathes life on this venture and supports me through it, at least I have done My Part in creating the music. Now I leave it in God's capable hands to determine what is done through the music He has Given."

God desires His Rule and Reign within each of us, through Christ, so that His Blessings may flow. He also wants to Satisfy Us and Give us His Peace. I believe God is all about using “ordinary" people like myself..."nameless-faceless-without anything to boast except that we know Him"...so that He can be His Extraordinary Self through us...touching those around us…and receiving Pure Glory from our humble lives of surrender. "Christ in Me, The Hope of Glory" is what the Word of God calls this mystery unfolding in our times (Col 1:27) .

Think of it, God is opening up the door for a 53-year-old impoverished widow to now launch a Christian Music Label. Not for fame, money, or anything like that, but to bless others with His Words and His Melodies. Since it's Christmastime, we all remember the tale of Rudolph, with the dentist elf and friendly monster who were "misfits"? Well we learned, their misery was simply because they had not yet had their purpose revealed. Their uniqueness certainly served a purpose.Their Creator's workmanship was without blame. The misfits simply had to unite...once they knew what they needed to do...to save the day...and bring good to all men, using that which they were given By God in their uniqueness.

12-12-12 is more like a launch code given to Elizabeth Norland who desires God’s rule and reign in everyone’s life. Did you know there are two 12-12-12 inferences in Scripture too? Yes, in Verse 12 of Revelation 21...the Bride of Christ, the Wife of the Lamb, the Holy City of Jerusalem descending, is described with a 12-12-12, twice: First...in a single verse it describes the city as with 12 gates of pearls, with 12 angels guarding them, and the names of the 12 tribes of the children of Israel on them. Secondly...just below that verse another verse describes the walls having 12 Foundations with the 12 Names of the 12 Apostles. Wow. How cool is this? In scripture, the number 12 is linked with the elective purposes of God and governmental perfection. What better date to launch Christian Music out into society, that God may advance His Kingdom on earth, and prepare us for His Reign when He Returns with His Bride. Indeed 12-12-12 is a perfect day for a Launch, and to declare: Thy Kingdom Come. Thy Will Be Done. On Earth as it is in Heaven!

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