Online Bed Quilt, an Expert of Mattresses, Comments on Possible Relationship Between Lack of Sleep and Diabetes Reported in US News

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Following an article published by US News which discusses a possible relationship between diabetes and a lack of sleep in teenagers, Online Bed Quilt, an expert of mattresses, said choosing the proper mattress can help teens get more sleep and reduce the risk of diabetes.

On December 19, Online Bed Quilt comments on an article posted by US News with regard to a study, which suggests teenage diabetes may be influenced by a lack of sleep.

According to the article published by the US News, researchers documented the amount of sleep compared to the insulin resistance levels in 245 high school students for a study published in the journal, Sleep. The article reports that most of the students tested had an average of 6.4 hours of sleep each night with significantly less sleep on weeknights than on the weekends. US News states that blood tests revealed the insulin levels for students who got less sleep were higher than those who slept more, regardless of the student’s gender, race, body mass index and waist size.

In the article, lead author Karen Matthews of the University of Pittsburgh’s department of psychiatry said this one of the only studies that relates the lack of sleep to insulin levels. Matthews also said high insulin levels can lead to diabetes in the article. The study proved that if students got more than six hours of sleep per night, they could reduce their insulin levels by 9 percent.

Justin Maas, a representative for Online Bed Quilt, a company that reviews mattresses, said, “Many teens may not be sleeping on the right type of mattress. Finding a mattress specific to their body and their needs could help them get more sleep, and possibly reduce insulin levels recorded in that study.”

The article said programs that focus on teen’s health should urge teens to get more sleep. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine suggests teens need at least nine hours of sleep per night. The article said, while it was proven teens who sleep less have higher insulin levels, it does not conclude that lack of sleep causes diabetes directly. However, having high insulin levels for a long period of time may cause diabetes.

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