First Interfaith and Social Justice National Satellite Radio Network Seeking to Unify the Country Just $20,000 From Launch

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CELEBRATE RADIO, a 24/7 national satellite radio network, coast-to-coast with unique interfaith, social justice and Positively Music content is just $20,000 from launch coast-to-coast. Its goal, to unify the country and foster new compassion projects.It will also be available by web stream and smart-phone apps.

A new coast-to-coast satellite radio network, ready to launch, is seeking to reverse a trend, begin to tear down the walls and start bringing people together again, every day, across America while engaging in collaborative solutions to society's problems, from violence to poverty...A visionary, timely and much-needed national project, 5 years in the making, it will begin to change lives and inspire and empower hundreds of thousands more to change other lives as well as to better our society and the world. It is also the first interfaith network in the world.

"In the wake of recent tragedies and all the country's divisiveness, poverty, hunger, child abuse, addiction and what most mental health professionals recently on TV agrees is a complete breakdown of the mental health system", ffounder Don Fass says, "this network is needed more than ever. " In addition to a variety of positive programs, CELEBRATE RADIO will also entertain with an uplifting Positively Music eclectic pop mix of 1800 songs and messages from celebrity singers, actors and social activists as well as priests, rabbis and pastors. 12 brief newscasts will also be broadcast each day.

The entire full-time network costs less than $70,000 a year to operate and all that's missing for launch is $20,000 and some fine tuning.

This full-time, cause-focused, inclusive coast to coast satellite radio project (which also can be heard on smartphones, computers, or tablets) will fill a void in radio and TV and Fass says, "reverse the unfortunate media trend that stirs us up, yet leaves us more divided than ever."

Several broadcast pros have been creating the network for 4 years and built it on the success of the internationally broadcast weekly music and interview show, REACHING UP. About the weekly show, hundreds of listeners have written that it is " a very different, very inclusive and very positive show that fosters a spirit of cooperation, ways to excel together for the common good while working 24/7 to unite us!"

The weekly program has been heard coast-to-coast by 4 million people on satellite and three other Galaxy 19 networks, and also across Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America, and Australia and 90 other countries on satellite, shortwave and a number of AMs and FMs from London to Jerusalem and Capetown. and on the web as well. It is now going into national syndication on more FM stations.

For years, the show on which the full-time national network will be based has garnered rave reviews from audiences. It has, according to them, already opened up new visions for hundreds of thousands of people with exciting and always in-person guests. In-person guests have ranged from the CEOs of U.S. UNICEF and Compassion International, Not for Sale, Peace Child Israel, Mercy Corps, best-selling authors with provocative new ideas for change and remarkable personal stories, top music artists and activists, civil rights leaders and major people of faith (all faiths) including Pastors Rick Warren and his wife Kay, Rabbi David Wolpe, Kevin Palau, Nobel Prize winners, corporate social responsibility directors, best-selling authors and more.

The producers have also completed several programs from New York, London, Berlin, Los Angeles, Rome, Dublin, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv..

The full-time radio network, ready to launch seeks to always be passionate and
provocative but non-political; an entertaining network with a 1700-song Positively Music mix from several genres and 19 countries and several music specials. Celebrate Radio will also be an informative network with 12 90-second newscasts a day, news features and a schedule concentrating on insightful ways to change America and the world by pulling people together.

There will be multi-organization PSAs on fighting poverty, intolerance, hunger, AIDS, child abuse, bullying, teen addiction, trafficking and more not just in an inspiring way, but actually empowering listeners to do the same individually and with shared purpose!

Celebrate Radio is now in phase two of three phases: ready to update the web stream on servers in Fremont, California and Milan, Italy to be heard around the world, first on the web in as little as 2 months with a tiny amount of additional funding (under $4500 in total.) Then, in Phase 3, that web stream will broadcast 24/7 on Galaxy 19 satellite on three networks with an initial 3 million listeners a week (for about $15,000 more) and then to expand from there.

Two companion books are being readied as well (called “People Who Matter” and “Ways We Can All Matter”) …there are already five podcast series and four websites, and iits creators expect that the weekly radio series will also bring hundreds of thousands of new listeners to the network!

Fass says that "partners and sponsorships are now needed so that they can launch Phase 2 now and Phase 3 a few months from now.

Some of the archived interviews and a demo of the network can be heard at and More details of the project at

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