Precious Metals Brokerage Group, International (PMBG) Announces Why Investment Diversification/Allocation into Precious Metals prior to 2013 (Now) Can Significantly Improve Returns Next Year

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Gold has often been sought as a safe store of value when there are systemic financial concerns like banks and money being perceived as unstable or political stability is questionable. Experts recommend that investors typically invest approximately 5% of their portfolios in precious metals.

Many recent releases from recognized forecasting sources such as Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse HSBC, London Bullion Market Association, French Bank BNP Paribas and ScotiaMocatta are calling for Gold Prices to return 10%-30% on investments if made now, prior to 2013: These forecasts are getting attention. Many in the mainstream public are hearing about gold and silver investing through word-of-mouth and water-cooler conversations with someone they know personally who has recently invested in Precious Metals. It only makes sense that since the current economic environment is significant enough to push even the previously uninterested or unmotivated person to actively seek out additional investment options, a growing percentage of people find out about the merits and historical performance of Gold, Silver and the other Precious Metals. Many are alarmed to find out what they could have earned in Precious Metals instead of the norm of investing in the Stock Market over the last decade, especially if they were invested in Gold or Silver.

Concerns right now regarding the direction of the US dollar (continuing decline in purchasing power) and likely soon-to-come inflation, coupled with falling supply and increasing demand of Precious Metals by individual investors (something more tangible and dependable) have created an environment that is highly conducive to the exploration of precious metals; including gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Investors are clearly seeking protection against the erosion of their wealth. Experts recommend that investors typically invest at least 5%-10% of their total portfolios in precious metals (ideally physical metals versus paper-backed ETFs) during good economic times and consider 20%-25% during periods of economic unrest or expected “challenging times ahead” as an investment hedge. From an investment theory standpoint, gold has a low to negative correlation compared to the rest of the mainstream asset classes such as stocks and bonds; it can reduce portfolio volatility. Gold has often been sought as a safe store of value when there are systemic financial concerns like banks and money being perceived as unstable or political stability is questionable.

Used as a medium of exchange and as a store of wealth and for thousands of years, the defensive role that gold plays in a portfolio should not be ignored. Apart from being an essential part of the Forex reserves of almost every nation, gold in the form of Proof-Quality minted gold coins, minted gold coins and minted gold bars offers a hedge against potential inflation, weakness in currency and volatility in equity markets for the cautious investor. This is why these specialty products act as insurance for an equity portfolio and should be a part of every investment portfolio. Additionally, Precious Metals have intrinsic value and carry no credit risk. Considering the fact that they cannot be inflated (i.e. devalued through “printing more supply”), they are a useful and effective way to value-invest with confidence.

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