Detroit, MI Dentist Dr. Roman Shlafer Now Provides Cavity Protection Through Carifree Cavity Prevention

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Dr. Roman Shlafer now works to prevent cavities by providing patients with CariFree Cavity prevention to reduce or eliminate the bacteria that cause infection before decay is present. The dental system includes both treatment and maintenance solutions and is ideal for patients who are at high risk for decay.

Dr. Roman shlafer in his Detroit, MI office.

Dr. Roman Shlafer Uses Carifree Cavity Prevention To Detect The Onset Of Cavities.

Roman Shlafer, DDS, PLLC, is a dentist that is now working on prevention, teaching patients that this system is a great help in the reduction of cavities or tooth decay. The dental term for the bacterial infections that cause cavities is "caries." When they are detected early, they can easily be treated and removed. The CariFree Cavity Prevention system also provides maintenance so that caries cannot become re-established. This can help reduce the number of cavities for all patients with caries risk factors.

Healthy bacteria are normally found in the mouth, but can become bacteria that produce acid and infections. There are a number of reasons for the shift, including a diet high in sugar, medications, a change in the patient’s medical condition or a lack of saliva. When the bacteria become acid-producing, caries can occur, which lead to the dental decay that many people experience.

Patients who don't like going to the dentist to get dental cavities filled will appreciate the ability to prevent those cavities before they happen. Patients can visit the dentist for a CariScreen test that takes only about a minute to perform. The test involves gathering a specimen from two teeth with a cotton swab. The sample is tested to determine whether there is a high, moderate or low risk from the bacteria that cause decay.

The dental treatment uses two types of CariFree rinses. The antibacterial mouth rinse used for the initial treatment actually eradicates the caries that are on the teeth. Once the infectious bacteria have been removed, it is time to move to the next phase of the treatment. The second phase is the maintenance phase of the procedure. During this part of the treatment, the CariFree Maintenance Rinse is used. This rinse helps the mouth to develop an environment that prevents the caries from becoming re-established. In other words, it helps the mouth remain free of the harmful bacteria so that the possibility of future tooth decay is highly reduced. More information on CariFree Cavity Prevention may be found at

Dr. Roman Shlafer is a general practitioner offering patients personalized dental care for Farmington, Michigan since 1986. Dr. Shlafer received his DDS from the University Of Michigan School Of Dentistry, where he studied under top reconstructive and cosmetic dentists. He completed his graduate studies at the Center for Advanced Dental Studies. Dr. Shlafer is part of the American Dental Association and is part of one percent of dental professionals providing the most recent FDA cleared laser procedure for gum disease and periodontal treatment. To learn more about Dr. Shlafer and his dental services visit his website at and call (248) 918-4205.

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