Dr. Kathy Seifert, Youth Violence Expert, Unravels Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

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Encouraging a national debate and helping people understand the roots and prevention of young adult violence, Dr. Kathy Seifert is appearing on Fox News DC TV Morning News, La Opinion, Huffington Post, Psychology Today online, WBOC-TV, and a variety of talk radio shows.

Distressed Youth

Distressed Youth

We must use this tragedy to start a national dialogue about our policies regarding individuals who are classified as both mentally ill and dangerous. We also need to take a hard look at gun regulations in the United States.

The expertise of Dr. Kathy Seifert on coping with trauma and preventing future acts of young adult violence will be appearing in multiple local and national media over the next week, including La Opinion, Huffington Post, Psychology Today online, Fox News DC, and WBOC-TV. Dr. Seifert, is a renowned youth violence and trauma expert and psychologist with 30 years of experience. She will attempt to unravel the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy from the perspective of why people resort to violence and the need for a national dialogue about gun availability to those not capable of handling that responsibility. She will also discuss the need for changes in mental health regulations for those that are mentally ill and also dangerous. Dr. Seifert will be giving the public guidance on supporting each other in these tragic times as a way of coping with grief.

“My heart and prayers go out to the victims and their families,” says Dr. Seifert. “We must use this tragedy to start a national dialogue about our policies regarding individuals who are classified as both mentally ill and dangerous. We also need to take a hard look at gun regulations in the United States. It’s simply not enough grieving and cleaning up after a disaster like this; it’s not fair to the victims or the families of victims. The Connecticut tragedy reveals that it is time for violence prevention to take the national spotlight.”

Dr. Seifert is the creator of the CARE-2, an assessment tool for youth and adolescents that are at risk for violence. As the author of the book "How Children Become Violent" (Acanthus Publishing, 2006) and a contributor to Psychology Today on youth violence and family trauma, she can offer the public a look into what is known about the minds of past mass murderers in hopes of shedding light on why Adam Lanza may have committed this horrible act and how to prevent such awful acts in the future. Dr. Seifert will be advocating for a discussion on national policy and violence prevention, and providing parents the tools they need to help their children cope with this tragedy.

There are 2 major groups of mass murderers: 1) those that are psychopathic and likely have been so since childhood following a severe, unresolved childhood trauma and a life of increasingly violent acts. 2) Those with mental illness that also have other risk factors for violence including not being in treatment, substance abuse, poor social engagement or support, fascination with firearms or the "dark side," unresolved severe childhood trauma, and a recent major life stressor with which they were unequipped to cope.

Experts agree that a propensity towards violence can begin during the earliest stages of child development with traumatic events for which a child did not receive support or therapy. This is where prevention needs to start in protecting children from abuse and neglect and if they do suffer extreme trauma to make sure that they get the services they need. Additionally, as a nation, we need to discuss: if a person is mentally ill and dangerous (not all mentally ill people are dangerous), should services be rendered involuntarily if necessary?

Frequently called upon by national media, Dr. Seifert was a commentator on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 on the shooting suspect Jared Loughner as well as a guest on HLN regarding the murder case of 7-year-old Jorelys Rivera. In the wake of the terrible Sandy Hook school shooting and loss of innocent life, the public is left, yet again, with only questions of why this happened and what can be done to prevent similar events from occurring in the future.

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