UK Immigration Barristers Scams: Top Ten Revealed

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As the number of immigrants arriving in the UK escalates, UK Immigration Barristers, Birmingham, reveals and comments on the top ten scam tactics that immigrants use to fool UK Immigration authorities. UK Immigration Barristers has called for vigilance from the public and UK Immigration officials.

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At the heart of UK Immigration, making migration to the UK a reality.

With Christmas fast approaching the number of people entering Britain will increase significantly.

The number of illegal immigrants in the UK remains unclear given the current UK Immigration backlog and several other misdemeanours overseen by the UK Border Agency. What doesn't help the cause of UK Immigration being able to track the people entering the UK is the number of UK Visa and Immigration scams that people use in order to obtain unlawful entry into Britain.

UK Immigration Barristers comments on the top ten scam tactics used by illegal immigrants to gain unlawful access to the UK:

1. The endless vacation – Overstaying a visa is the top scam tactic used by people wanting to remain in the UK. A staggeringly large amount of people actually arrive in the UK ‘legally’ with a UK tourist visa, before contemplating how they can alter their UK visa status.

2. Great doing business with you – Those entering the UK for business purposes on a UK Business Visit Visa allows the holder to remain in the UK for six months at any one time over a period of two years. However, a common tactic used by those looking to beat the system is to return to their homeland and come back to the UK, therefore resetting the clock.

3. Getting married – Marrying a UK Citizen for the purposes of obtaining a UK visa is a common scam and the problem is continuous. The lengths that people have gone to in order to present their marriage as ‘genuine’ are often extremely sophisticated.

4. Claiming false asylum – Claims of discontent in the homeland are a common scam tactic used by overseas nationals. A minority of claims are completely unfounded and the ramifications are huge, especially for immigrants who have a genuine case for UK asylum, as false claims make genuine cases less credible.

5. Changing visa – A high number of people arriving in Britain scam the system by arriving on a tourist visa and then adjust their visa to a UK Study Visa, signing up for classes at an educational institution in order to give their application more credibility. This type of scam will often mean the perpetrator has no intention of attending classes.

6. The exchange – A number of scam operations involve signing up for a UK exchange program and simply ‘forgetting’ to return home.

7. The transfer – This is a sophisticated UK Visa and Immigration scam that requires the involvement of a less scrupulous immigration barrister, immigration lawyer or an immigration solicitor. Immigration experts know how to manipulate the intra-company transfer route, employing a scam in order to serve the needs of a client.

8. Finding faith – The practice of suddenly finding God around the time a person requires a UK Visa is common. This scam means that illegal immigrants can acquire a visa under the guise of being a religious worker in order to enter the UK to perform religious duties at a church, mosque or synagogue.

9. Abandoned ship – A less popular scam is people who get a low-paying job on a cruise ship that is set to dock at a UK port. This allows that worker a duration of time on British soil, allowing them to disappear over the horizon and conveniently forget what ship they were supposed to be on.

10. Do you know who I am? – Thousands of musicians and other entertainers arrive in the UK every year and a common scam is that these entertainers are bribed into adding an illegal immigrant to their entourage list, giving them access to the UK.

In a statement from UK Immigration Barristers, they said: “With Christmas fast approaching the number of people entering Britain will increase significantly. Unfortunately a minority of those people will try to gain access illegally.”

They continued: “However, our service offers support to those who require assistance navigating the UK Immigration system. It’s often just a case of educating those persistent offenders who try to enter the UK illegally and offering them help.”

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