GreenButton™ Identifies Top 2013 Cloud Computing Trends

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Industry Leader in High Performance Cloud Computing Sees Shifts in Innovation, Technology, IT Governance and Big Data

The leading provider of compute intensive and integrated on-demand cloud solutions

“We believe that industry credibility has now been achieved and decision-makers are embracing all of the innovative possibilities for cloud computing as the technology continues to advance," stated Scott Houston, CEO of GreenButton.

GreenButton™, the leading provider of compute intensive and integrated on-demand cloud solutions, today announced the company’s predictions for cloud computing in 2013. GreenButton has identified the top trends covering technology and business innovation to include Big Data, Cloud Bursting, Cloud Governance, On Demand and HPC computing, and License Management for ISVs.

The year 2012 has proven to be a pivotal year for cloud computing, marked by one key takeaway: adoption of cloud computing for the enterprise has finally gone mainstream. No longer hidden from plain sight, IT departments are now very upfront about their company’s use of cloud computing, resulting in legitimate cloud budgeting taking place. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Forrester Research found half of all enterprises in North America and Europe are planning to create budgets for cloud-related investments in 2013.

Over the next twelve months, GreenButton believes that corporations and organizations will cease speculating about the value of cloud computing and will start to get down to the real business of incorporating cloud technology into their formal IT portfolios. And with such substantial mainstream acceptance, decisive changes to the overall operational structure of cloud computing will undoubtedly take place. Beginning with compliance and moving towards access control within the IT organization, cloud computing is shifting rapidly from being considered a commodity to being deemed as fundamental infrastructure.

“The year ahead brings great potential as cloud computing continues to evolve and mature. We’ve come a long way since the early days of thinking about cloud computing as simply a one size fits all cost-saving technology,” said Scott Houston, Chief Executive Officer of GreenButton. “The need to reduce costs and the need to boost innovation are top of mind now for global CIOs. From a strategic standpoint, many of GreenButton’s enterprise customers are currently considering us as part of their future corporate IT budgets. The drumbeat around Cloud’s promise of more predictable IT operating costs, decreased capital spending, and increased flexibility and agility is simply too loud to ignore.”

Mr. Houston continued, “We believe that industry credibility has now been achieved and decision-makers are embracing all of the innovative possibilities for cloud computing as the technology continues to advance. GreenButton was recognized in the Global Deloitte Fast 500 this year with 1248% revenue growth in 2012 and we expect that trend to continue in 2013.”

Five key trends for 2013 identified in this release are:

  •     Data – It’s all about Data

Many industries are realizing the huge value in gleaning insight from the deluge of data flowing through their business. The tools are maturing and with the Cloud, the computing power required to crunch the data is now accessible to any business with Big Data ambitions. Big Data has to be fast data. Enterprises will profit from Big Data intelligence in proportion to how quickly they can act on it. With Big Data, organizations are discovering huge (previously untapped) value in their data that is far more interesting than the application itself.

Data handling continues to evolve, but technical developments branded under the "Big Data" and "NoSQL" misnomers are still evolutionary rather than revolutionary – the big change is in the way custodians approach data in the Cloud.

  •     The Fiscal Cliff and What it Means for Cloud Computing

Will the fiscal cliff push more CIOs into the Cloud? Yes, definitely. It's the governance issue that's most important, as the CIOs look to manage the cloud transition.

Budgetary constraints are forcing CIOs to seriously consider Cloud, as the economic benefits in most cases are too great to be ignored. Most have Cloud projects well underway or in the pipeline. Those that are further down the line with the Cloud have discovered that the on-demand model has a number of its own challenges – particularly around Governance.

As businesses move from capital to operational expenses, CIOs are challenged with managing IT budgets – potentially across a number of providers. This is why cloud agnostic management tools will start to gain more importance in 2013.

  •     Cloud Governance – A Significant Challenge for Enterprise Organizations

In 2013, there will be a vital need for tighter governance of public Cloud spending in the enterprise. As organizations shift portions of their businesses to the cloud – an operational rather than capital expense - they will be struggling with the lack of governance controls built into the major Cloud offerings. These controls need to mature and will do over the next 12 months.

Cloud governance is a critical challenge for enterprises, and becoming an even larger issue.
Public and private cloud deployments will become increasingly important to IT strategy. As the number of applications in the Cloud increase multi-fold, the scale of those applications and the number of people involved in operating those applications increases, IT will continue to be tasked with answering three critical questions: How does the enterprise maintain Cloud operations security with so many disparate interests? How do Cloud operations demonstrate compliance with required laws and regulations? How can financial controls and incentives be applied to cloud operations?

Maintaining control while delivering the agility of cloud computing will be an ongoing topic of conversation in 2013. With so many disparate interests, enterprise organizations will need to maintain cloud operations securely. In order to do so, they will be choosing tools that manage encryption and access controls across hundreds or thousands of users. Additionally, the use of automation for easy and secure implementation of tight security restrictions across multiple clouds will be put into effect.

  •     Vendor Lock-In Becomes a Major Issue

As the cloud matures into a part of everyday business life for thousands of companies around the world, the issue of multi-cloud support and interoperability is due to receive serious attention in 2013.

When software and cloud infrastructure begin to mesh, developers can do some fairly amazing things and this innovation could quickly diminish if they lack the ability to integrate non-proprietary solutions.

Cloud application development, like most software, is primarily about the programming interfaces which are available for the job at hand. The big question is this: Can developers expect to have complete freedom of choice when deciding how to build an application for cloud deployment?

Most specifically hampered by vendor lock-in is midsize business – those companies looking to enter the cloud for the first time or looking to move their entire data center to the cloud after a successful test period. Their best option is to engage with a cloud provider who offers cloud agnostic solutions.

  •     Is 2013 the Year Everyone Talks about Cloud Bursting?

In 2012, we saw high performance computing (HPC) move to the cloud. In 2013, GreenButton predicts that the utility of Cloud Bursting will take HPC to the next level. When the demand for computing capacity spikes, CloudBursting has the ability to function as a deployment model in which an application runs in a private cloud or data center and bursts into a public cloud. The advantage of such a hybrid cloud deployment is that an organization only pays for extra compute resources when they are needed.

Cloud Bursting is a beneficial cloud technique for environments with varying IT workloads. In this hybrid cloud environment, an application can run in a data center or private cloud and then burst into public cloud when there is a high demand for compute capacity, saving resources and dollars.

Cloud Bursting is primed to be a definite game changer in the Cloud Computing services industry. If the providers and management software providers can make the process secure, reliable and manageable in a vendor agnostic manner, the days of zero service downtime is not far off.

Houston added, “These are a few of the key topics we think will be consistently discussed during the conferences and industry events in 2013. We look forward to engaging our industry peers and business partners in the discussion and to the ways these shifts and innovations will impact the next phase of cloud computing.”

About GreenButton™ Limited
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