Hydro Med Inc. Renews Hurricane Sandy Victims Sinus Supplies

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The need for sinus prevention among Hurricane Sandy victims has been so overwhelming, that the offer of Hdyro Pulse™ Units in extended through 2012.

Sinus recommendations to reduce Sandy caused sinusitis. Scientists have reported the situations that result in sinusitis, and have predicted an increase in sinus disease in the Sandy affected areas.

. Here is how to combat sinusitis.

  •         Getting wet and chilled. In normal circumstances becoming wet lowers normal resistance to sinusitis and respiratory ills. In normal times even a short time of wetness may result in sinus disease. With Sandy, the extended exposure to cold water is a cause of sinusitis. The cold slows nasal cilia function and this allows bacteria to remain in the nose/sinuses and multiply. Prevention is to restore normal cilia movement.
  •         Mold in the house. Mold and mold spores are known to be factors to cause sinus problems. These slow nasal cilia movement and allow infections. Mold harms by contact and allergy as well.
  •         Stress reduces resistance to illness
  •         Poor sleep is a known factor in reducing resistance to illness.

Hydro Med Recommends:

If possible, dry out the house to reduce mold infestation. Of course this is difficult when your home is water logged. However, if you can dry the bedroom, that can give significant relief. Use the dehumidifier and heater particularly in the sleeping quarters to reduce wetness. Use a light in the closet and other dark places.

Detergent and soap are useful to clean mold surfaces, but it is the moisture that is the culprit.
Note: New carpets, new mobile homes give off harmful chemicals. Be sure to air these out sufficiently before turning on the heat.

When you are around mold use a N-95 rated mask. Note that the mask should be secure and tight.

A nasal filter such as the BreathePure Filter works well, particularly for those with allergy. See http://www.breathepurenap.com

Drink warm tea, green or black, with or without caffeine. Tea stimulates the movement of nasal cilia, provides L-theanine, and antioxidants. These improve health and aid in resistance to sinus and respiratory infection.

Use the Grossan Hydro Pulse™ Nasal/Sinus Irrigator. This nasal irrigator flushes unwanted dust, molds and allergens out of the nose and sinuses by a pulsing action. The rate of pulsing is matched to the normal pulse rate of the nasal cilia in order to restore good cilia movement. With normal cilia movement, unwanted bacteria are moved out of the nose and sinuses to prevent sinus and respiratory infection; in acute and chronic sinusitis, this pulse rate aids by restoring that cilia defense.     http://www.hydromedonline.com

Stress can be aided by Counted Breathing. As you breathe, silently count in four and out six. When you make exhalation longer and a relaxing action, you reduce stress chemicals. Stress experts recommend to practice this for one minute every hour; that way you can reduce stress chemicals and improve natural resistance.

Sleep is very important to prevent illness. If sleeping is a problem, consult your doctor for aid.

Force yourself to have a smile on your face! Making that smile improves your immunity to colds and winter ills!
Get comedies from Netflix and others. People have been cured by viewing comedies. Humor increases immunity factors.

Hum! Humming at a low pitch helps stimulate nasal cilia. The nasal cilia move bacteria out of the nose and sinuses.

Hydro Med has made available the Grossan Hydro Pulse™ Nasal/Sinus unit for those in need. To obtain this, at no cost, just ask your doctor to fax a request to Hydro Med at 818 893 6208 and this will be sent to you. The Hydro Pulse comes with several sinus attachments for multiple person use. BreathePure nasal filters will also be sent. Note: Supplies are limited and will only be available while they last.

If your doctor has questions regarding the Hydro Pulse™ Nasal/Sinus Irrigator and mold sinus problems, they can contact:
Wellington S Tichenor M.D.    at 212 517 6611
Jordan Josephson M.D.         at 212 717 1773
These specialists are knowledgeable about the current mold/sinus problems in your area. A list of journal references for the Hydro Pulse is at http://www.ent-consult.com/irr_bibliog.html

"Our warmest wishes go out to the Sandy victims. I hope this information and these supplies will speed you to good health," said Dora Nunez, CEO of Hydro Med.

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