Power4Patriots Offers 10 Ways to Prevent Holiday Season Break-Ins

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Nobody likes to think about a thief breaking into their home, but it happens. Taking steps to prevent a break-in could save a life, according to Power4Patriots.

During the holiday season, Santa Claus isn’t the only one who might enter a home unannounced. Thieves know that this time of year they may be able to find presents waiting for them, including easy-to-unload electronics and jewelry. According to ThisOldHouse.com, 1.6 million residential burglaries are reported in the U.S annually, with about 300,000 of them being home invasions, meaning at least one household member was home when the break-in occurred.

Power4Patriots, best known for enabling people to become independent of high power bills and outages by teaching them how to build their own environmentally-friendly sources of energy, also wants to help keep people safe in their homes.

Thieves know that the more expensive a house is, the more likely it will contain the types of valuables for which they’re looking. But they also realize that those expensive houses often possess the most elaborate security systems, so what they often target is a residence that looks like it will provide easy entry and a quick getaway.

There are many techniques one can use to turn a home into a virtually invader-proof fortress (see Power4Patriots’ Top 10 Home Fortress Techniques below), but in many cases a family member might be the weakest link in a home’s defense. Many home invasions don't begin when someone busts open a front door or crawls through a window, but rather because homeowners believe fabricated stories about a delivery, a charity collection, a gas leak, a cable or telephone problem, or a person in distress who asks to use a phone or bathroom. Following are those tips:

1.    Make sure the front door has a peep hole that provides a good view of the porch.

2.    Don't let anyone in until they’ve identified themselves. Make sure that a delivery person shows an ID, and call the company if doubts exist.

3.    Always keep doors and widows locked, whether home or away. Install solid wood or metal-clad doors and secure windows, and upgrade locks.

4.    Install a security system with a loud alarm and advertise that system with signs on the property.

5.    Keep the inside of the house well lit at night. Put inside lights on a timer when away.

6.    Install motion sensor lights on the property.

7.    Plant a "Beware of Dog" sign near the house’s entrances, regardless of whether a dog lives there.

8.    Keep shrubbery trimmed in order to reduce the number of hiding places on the property.

9.    Assess all of the potential breach points in the home and secure them.

10.    Keep tools that could be used to break into a home (ladders, crowbars, etc.) away from open view.

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