Linus Bike, a Commuter Bike Distributor, Comments on a “Brain-Reading” Bike Helmet Which Can Read Stress Levels

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Linus Bike, a leading commuter bikes distributor, comments on the invention of a biking helmet that reads the riders brain waves and displays stress levels.

On December 26, Linus Bike responds to a new bike gadget that is in the process of being created and improved.

According to Wired, a bike helmet that reads brain waves and shows stress levels is being created. The inventor, Arlene Ducao, is a computer programmer and digital animator at the MIT Media Lab’s Information Ecology group. The helmet, known as the MindRider, comes “hacked with an EEG sensor that displays the wearer’s stress levels so that idiot in the Escalade knows to back off.”

The article states that the MindRider uses a NeuroSky MindSet, which picks up “10 types of brainwaves that signal emotions such as concentration, stress and anxiety.” The article reports that it is also equipped with an Arduino microcontroller, which “translates these signals into a series of light values, causing a strip of embedded LED lights to change color according to input.” According to the article, the light values would be interpreted through the “visual vocabulary” of a traffic light; Green is a calm state, blinking lights are a panicked state and red is a high stress state. The article reports that the next step Ducao is looking into is “expanding the range of mental states detected, and perhaps even mood.”

China Reevers, a representative for commuter bike manufacturer Linus Bike, states, “This is certainly an interesting new invention that has never been done before. I believe it would be fascinating to see it functioning on our roadways.” Reevers continues, “It’s also wonderful that the helmet could serve as a source of protection on more dangerous streets.”

Linus Bike is a California-based bicycle manufacturer that specializes in creating vintage style city bikes and commuter bikes. Not simply a bicycle company, Linus Bike sells a complete line of accessories for the environmentally conscious and for those who have a fondness for European style bicycles and the great tradition of European cycling.

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