National Numbers says "Number plates are aspirational" in interview with Radio Hartlepool

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As the gift-giving season goes into its final week the Chairman of National Numbers, Eric Craggs has been asked by Radio Hartlepool: “What do you get for the man who has everything?” The answer might well be private registrations.

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What we provide is an opportunity to own an aspirational product

National Numbers, like any other business, has seen and increased amount of interest over the holiday season.

Personalised number plates are a popular gift for all car lovers and have been for years. Customers say they feel like they stand out from the crowd with a private registration, which makes their car appear unique.

Eric Craggs, the Chairman of National Numbers and the CNDA (Cherished Number Dealer Association), believes this has a lot to do with the aspirational nature of private number plates, as well as them being more accessible than is generally thought.

“When most people think of personalised number plates they think of the very best, such as F 1”, said Eric Craggs. “But these are only a tiny percentage of what we see on the market.”

F 1 is currently the UK’s most expensive number plate, costing the owner £375,000 from an auction in 2008.

“Number plates are just marks so the DVLA can recognise the car. Their meaning is down to the owner. That is why there is one for anyone, regardless of their budget,” Eric Craggs continued.

Number plates are available from a few hundred pounds upwards. Many personalised registrations have been bought on a budget. Number plates like K4 THB (Kath B) were originally available for £250 and can now be worth thousands.

The Christmas period has seen hundreds of customers place orders on a variety of number plates and will be given as gifts on the 25th of December.

“What we provide is the opportunity to own an aspirational product, and we do that regardless or budget, age or gender”, said Eric Craggs. “It is fantastic for our customers to feel like they aren’t buying from a production line. What they get is unique to them and special.”

Customers can personalise their number plates by searching for their name, nickname or initials. Some numbers can even be used as substitutes for letters for longer names, for example “3” can be used for an “E”.

It is not just names and initials that help in personalisation of plates. Significant numbers like birth dates or lucky numbers have also been used. Many customers have used the number 786 due to its relation to Islam, for example.

Obviously though, there are still those few plates that capture more interest than usual from paying customers. Eric Craggs recalls S1 NGH (Singh), which caused quite a stir when it went to auction.

“I remember the room went from empty to full in the space of a minute right before the plate went up for sale … it emptied just as fast afterwards as well. I knew it was going to be a popular one, but I have never seen anything like that before or since.”

S1 NGH sold that day for £86,000 that day.

National Numbers is a private registration dealer with over 30 years experience in the industry. Their experienced sales and admin staff can help you find the perfect registration for you. Their website allows you to search an extensive database of number plates by words, names and initials.

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