How to Celebrate the Holidays and Avoid a Hangover - Cura Romana’s Health and Beauty Guru Leslie Kenton Reveals Her End of Year Secret

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Cura Romana’s British Based Health and Beauty Guru Leslie Kenton tells how to join in Christmas and New Years’ festivities yet minimize the after-effects. “It’s a cynch,” she says, “It’s all a matter of knowing the best-kept secret about alcohol.”

Celebrate Christmas without the hangover

The Christmas Magic Hangover Cure

The best alcohol has the lowest levels of congeners—harsh chemicals that poison the body and create whopper hangovers. The finest and purest alcohol is top quality tequila. It wins hands down if you’re looking for hangover-free holidays.

Over the years Leslie Kenton has amassed an encyclopaedic knowledge when it comes to natural ways of dealing with unnatural states of mind and body—even god forbid — a hangover. Of course, the most obvious way to avoid a hangover is don’t drink.

“If you do drink then choose only the best,” says Leslie, “be it wine, whiskey, or whatever and never overdo it.” The best alcohol, she says, contains the smallest quantities of unpleasant chemicals—known as congeners. Congeners literally poison the system. Common alcohols full of these hangover-producing congeners are gin, scotch, bourbon and—top of this bad guy list—brandy and champagne. So much for the bad news. Now, here is the good news:

King of the alcohols when it comes to purity and ultra-low levels of congeners is tequila. However, if you decide to make yourself a Margarita, be sure to make it from real tequila. So much of the stuff they sell as tequila is filled with a lot of insidious junk no one should put into their body. Tequila is made from agave. Called a cactus, agave is actually a succulent belonging to the lily family.

The finest blue agave comes from the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. It must be harvested at the peak of its sweetness. Says Leslie, “My brother, whom I adoringly call Toto, is a connoisseur of Tequila. He insists (I have checked out his recommendations and come to trust them implicitly) that the finest tequila is made by Patrón. Anejo Patrón is his favorite. Silver Patrón is mine.”

Leslie’s son Aaron, who is her partner at, developed a fabulous recipe for Margaritas. It’s very simple: To a handful of ice in a Vita Mix, he adds four jiggers of freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice, 4 jiggers of Silver Patrón, 2 jiggers of Cointreau or Grand Marnier, a couple of jiggers of water and the crème de la crème, a dropper or two of the most delicious stevia in the world: English Toffee Sweet Leaf Liquid stevia from (so much more delicious than the usual sugar or syrup, which is really rather revolting). He turns on the Vita Mix for 30 seconds while he rubs the rim of each glass with one of the lemon or lime skins, then plunges it into a saucer of Maldon salt to coat the rim. This makes Margaritas for 4 people. It’s a perfect hangover-free treat to share with friends.

Now let’s get back to hangovers: Should they happen from drinking stuff that’s not so pure or even far too much of a good thing, drink lots of fluids to counter the dehydration that comes with an over-indulgent evening. There are also a couple of great things to do the morning after to help feel better.

First thing, drink a cup of peppermint tea. Put 2 teaspoons of the dried leaves (or 4 teaspoons of fresh) into a tea pot and pour a cup of boiling water over it. Steep for 5-10 minutes then sip it gently. The peppermint will settle the stomach. Breathing in the steam from the tea also helps ease a headache.

When the stomach is settled enough to handle more, take a couple of grams of vitamin C and 2-3 grams of evening primrose oil, or star flower or borage oil. The vitamin C’s antioxidant properties help the liver clear toxic wastes that have built up from too much alcohol. The GLA in these oils is turned into prostaglandin E1—an important regulator of mood which alcohol depletes. When it is low one can feel depressed and very tired.

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Leslie Kenton is an award-winning writer, nutritionist, broadcaster and social activist well known for her work in television and journalism throughout the English-speaking world. Her worldwide Cura Romana protocol continues to bring effective and rapid weight loss to thousands, transforming health parameters in medically measurable ways. A living example of vitality, Leslie herself is described as “the most original voice in health and beauty.”

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