Charity Leaders Launch an Online Petition to Stop President Obama and Congress from Changing Charitable Deductions to avert the Fiscal Cliff

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Holiday season petition asks President Obama to pledge not to change or limit charitable deductions which would potentially remove billions of dollars from charities and churches across America.

"Any solution to the Fiscal Cliff crisis that penalizes and limits financial giving to nonprofits would be disastrous to our county", said Andrae Bailey, organizer of

Nonprofit leaders, fearful of President Obama and those he is negotiating with in Congress who threaten to change and limit charitable deductions, have launched a new online petition. The goal of the new website is to bring those that work, volunteer, and care about nonprofit organizations in America to voice their opposition to the proposed changes in the charitable deductions laws as outlined by the National Economic Council in their December 2012 report ( Also recently reported by the Washington Post earlier this month by Alice Crites and Lori Montgomery titled “White House, nonprofit groups battle over charitable deductions”.

"These changes would result in the direct redistribution of billions of dollars from charities and churches in America to the bank accounts of the Federal Government" said Andrae Bailey, one of the organizers of the web site "Any solution to the Fiscal Cliff crisis that penalizes and limits financial giving to nonprofits would be disastrous to our county" said Bailey, who is also executive director of a large Florida based charity that helps the poor at the Community Food & Outreach Center in Orlando, Florida.

The organizers of are asking Americans that work for, lead, volunteer or attend nonprofits and churches to sign their online petition that will be sent directly to President Obama. The goal is to have their voice be heard, telling him that they oppose any change in charitable deductions that would penalize giving as part of the Fiscal Cliff negotiations or future budget negotiations.

"Charities across this county would be devastated and struggle to keep their doors open if the money that they are given each year in donations from charing donors was penalized and limited during the Fiscal Cliff negotiations" said Austin Hunt, Founder of the Harvest Food & Outreach Center located in Vero Beach, Florida. "Organizations that work with the poor and needy, help the sick, work with children's literacy, promote the arts, help our soldiers and wounded veterans, and countless other important causes could instantly see substantial reductions to the money they receive each year to operate their programs if these laws are changed" said Hunt, whose organization works with many donors that would be affected by the proposed change.

The organizers of believe that penalizing those that currently give to these critically needed charities and organizations would amount to the largest transfer of financial resources from the charitable community to the federal government in America history.

"Nonprofits and churches spend their money to do good work in communities across America, not to employ lobbyist to fight for them in the back rooms of Washington D.C. That means our only hope to have our voice heard is for those who lead, volunteer, support and depend on charities and churches across this county to tell President Obama and those he works with in Congress, that we oppose any and all changes to the charitable giving laws that currently are in place" said Andrae Bailey, who mailed the first copy of the online petition, signed by him, to President Obama on Friday. "We hope during this holiday season families will have time to sign the online petition and speak directly to their leaders in Washington.

The organizers of also believe that every dollar that could be "gained" in these negotiations that is taken from charities and churches would be exponentially lost in communities across America because of its devastating effects on nonprofits that run some of our societies most critically needed programs. With the economy struggling over the past few years, charities that support the poor and needy, support our children in schools, work with the sick, and work to advance a number of causes and important issues have become the foundation of how communities exist and function across this county. "Removing billions of dollars from charities and churches across this county each year in order to avert the the Fiscal Cliff would be reckless and have devastating effects across America." said Bailey.

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