Maryland DUI Lawyer Ed Tayter Gives Advice To Drivers During The Holiday Season

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Driving safely and being prepared are even more important during the Holiday Season

The Holidays are a time of celebration, and as a result, there could be more drunk drivers on the road than there are at other times. Maryland DUI Lawyer Ed Tayter has some advice for drivers to stay safe around Christmas and the New Year:

"The holiday season in Maryland is a time of increased police presence on the roads. The Maryland State Police as well as many local law enforcement agencies, significantly increase their efforts to catch impaired drivers during this time of year. These increased efforts come in the form of increased patrols, higher numbers of officers on the road at any given time, and DUI checkpoints.

"If you come across a DUI checkpoint this holiday season, you should know your rights. It is absolutely within your rights to avoid the checkpoint by making a legal turn prior to entering the checkpoint. Avoiding a DUI checkpoint does not create reasonable suspicion to stop your vehicle. However, you should be aware that the police will be watching all vehicle that turn away from the checkpoint for any type of traffic infraction that would justify a stop.

"If you are stopped, you should know that you are not obligated to perform field sobriety tests. These tests (usually consisting of walking a straight line, standing on one foot, and letting the officer
watch your eyes track a stimulus) are entirely voluntary. You can, and should, refuse to comply with field sobriety testing when asked. This will give the officer fewer clues of impairment that they can use to justify and arrest for impaired driving.

"Knowing your rights can make the difference between arrest and prosecution for DUI and having a safe and happy holiday."

Our firm also has a DC DUI Lawyer and Virginia DUI Lawyer office, so please visit those sites for more information about relevant laws in those areas and how to stay safe during the Holiday Season.

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