Businesses Can Still Get Extra Tax Deductions

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Donating excess inventory is good for the bottom line. America Responds With Love needs resources to help victims of Hurricane Sandy.

America Responds With Love donated $25,000 worth of donated hardware, locks, levers, and other products for doors for victims of Hurricane Sandy in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

For some businesses, there’s a tremendous tax benefit in donating excess inventory. For “C” Corporations, there’s the potential to receive tax deductions up to twice the costs of the excess inventory and one hundred percent of transportation costs.

Businesses that have excess inventory of products sitting on shelves or in warehouses could transform those unwanted products into valuable tax deductions.

America Responds With Love, a national non-profit organization, could utilize your excess inventory to help victims of Hurricane Sandy as well as overlooked communities throughout the United States.

For some businesses, there’s a tremendous tax benefit in donating excess inventory. For “C” Corporations, there’s the potential to receive tax deductions up to twice the costs of the excess inventory and one hundred percent of the costs of any donated transportation.

For LLCs, sole proprietorships, and other business structures, the tax deductions could equal one hundred percent of the costs of goods as well as one hundred percent of the costs of transportation.

“In today’s economy, it may not be possible for businesses to give money to charities,” explains Mr. Richard McDonough, President and Chief Executive Officer of America Responds With Love. “While businesses may not be able to give cash, some businesses may be able to donate excess inventory of products. Our non-profit organization could utilize a variety of donated products to help people and communities recover and rebuild in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy as well as in other overlooked communities throughout the United States.”

“Not all businesses donate products because of tax deductions,” explained Mr. McDonough. “Many businesses donate products to our non-profit organization because they want to help people truly in need. For some businesses, the opportunity to get tax deductions for donating excess inventory is an incentive to give the products. For other businesses, the donations of products are made to our non-profit organization regardless of tax deductions.”

A wide variety of products needed during the rebuilding.

“Some products are needed to help individual people as they do work themselves,” explained Mr. McDonough. “These products include such items as work boots, work gloves, face masks, knee pads, and similar products.”

“Some of the needed products needed are pieces of equipment that would useful as the recovery efforts get implemented, including such items as power tools and generators,” Mr. McDonough continued.

“Other products needed are ones that would be used in the renovation and construction of housing units,” according to Mr. McDonough. “Some of these products will be ones used in the actually building process. Plumbing products, hardware, insulation, and roof shingles are among these types of products. Some of these products will also be ones that are placed in the buildings after construction. Appliances, furniture, fixtures, and smoke detectors are among these types of products.”

“Beyond these construction and home products, there is also a need for personal care products,” explained Mr. McDonough. “Baby wipes, diapers, socks, and tampons are among the products that continue to be needed by people in some of the areas affected by disasters.”

More than 105 specific products are needed by America Responds With Love to help victims of Hurricane Sandy. A full list of products needed can be viewed at:

List of Products Needed to Help Hurricane Sandy Victims

“We would also encourage businesses to contact us if they have excess inventory of products not on the list,” stated Mr. McDonough. “We may be able to utilize other products for this disaster or for other charitable purposes.

If a business has products that they would like to donate and does not have the ability to move the products to New Jersey, there may be other communities nearer to the donor where those products could be used to help other people truly in need.

“We are continuing to help communities in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee that have been hit by disasters in recent years,” explained Mr. McDonough. “Many of the same products needed in New Jersey could be utilized in other communities that continue to deal with the aftermath of natural disasters. Beyond the communities hit by disasters, there are a number of communities that are truly in need and have been overlooked by others. These communities may not have been hit by a natural disaster, but nonetheless need assistance.”

In Monmouth and Somerset Counties in northern New Jersey, America Responds With Love has already provided a number of needed products to victims of Hurricane Sandy. Among donated products have been food products donated by students at The Episcopal Academy in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania; work boots, face masks, work boots, and other similar products donated by Anchortex Corporation of West Berlin, New Jersey; and hardware, locks, and levers for doors donated by an anonymous manufacturer.

“These businesses and organizations serve as models for others that could also donate excess inventory of products,” explained Mr. McDonough.

To donate products, please contact Mr. McDonough at 1-321-AMERICA or 1-321-263-7422 or at information(at)respondwithlove(dot)org.

Beyond the needed products, America Responds With Love also would welcome donations of funds. You can designate funds to help the non-profit organization with its efforts to assist victims of Hurricane Sandy by donating funds directly through the secure webpage.

America Responds With Love, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides a variety of products and services to people truly in need as well as to communities truly in need throughout the United States. Detailed information about the non-profit organization can be found at its website at During the past 25 years, the organization has been - for the most part - very quiet about its work. A few examples: The programs of the non-profit organization have provided emergency housing for more than 100,000 people in emergency need. More than 5 million flowers have been planted in gardens at schools, parks, and other public locales in ten states. Computers, books, food, and many other products have been provided to people truly in need from California to New York and from Mississippi to South Dakota.

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