Myrtle Beach Painting Tips for the Winter Season

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Looking at doing some painting this winter in Myrtle Beach, SC? Area painting contractor provides some useful advice to help make your project a success

December 24, 2012

Professional painters in Myrtle Beach, SC know about the variety of paints, painting tools, and techniques to use both. Many do-it-yourself projects end up in disappointment. The paint does not look quite like homeowners thought it would. There are streaks, bubbles, or cracking. Maybe the paint looks great for a few weeks or even months, but begins to peel, settle, and fade much sooner than it should. The reasoning behind this, however, has a lot to do with specific knowledge shared by those in the painting industry.

One major problem Myrtle Beach painting contractors can tell you about is the humidity that often interferes with the application of paint. Walls need to be totally dry when they are being painted. Any who have experienced a summer in South Carolina can vouch for the wet, muggy air. While painters will do everything they can to dry a wall, they will often recommend extra precautions be taken. This includes heavy plastic sheeting to restrict more humidity from entering an area where fans and dehumidifying units will be use. If the air has too much moisture in it while painting, it can wreak havoc with a painting job. The paint will not cure properly which causes bleed. Darker, richer colors as well as glossy paints are more likely to show the effect than other paints.

Another issue that Myrtle Beach painters can run into during the winter is temperature. If the walls being painted are too low, paint will take longer to dry. Cold walls can lead to an uneven finish, streaking, and paint run. If the walls are less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit for oil and alkyd based paints or 50 degrees Fahrenheit for other types of paints, this is when problems will be noticed. Further, if the paint is at these same temperatures, it can make it difficult for the paint to mix and flow properly.

These tips will help homeowners trying to handle their own residential painting tasks. Of course, there are many things that go along with getting the perfect finish when painting in Myrtle Beach and hiring a professional painting contractor is highly recommended. If homeowners plan on handling their own painting, they should be sure to fully investigate the methods and techniques used to apply paint as well as the different products offered by various painting manufacturers.

About Myrtle Beach Painting: Family owned and operated Myrtle Beach Painting has more than 20 years of experience in residential painting and commercial painting, interior painting and exterior painting. They provide a satisfaction guarantee for all their clients and take the commitment to their craft very seriously.

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