Laszlos Plumbing Talks About the Hazard of Burst Pipes in Phoenix, AZ During the Winter

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Phoenix, AZ plumber reminds local businesses and residents of the chances of pipes freezing and bursting during the cold winter months

Plumbers in Phoenix, AZ are all too familiar with burst and frozen pipes and local residential and commercial plumber, Laszlos Plumbing has some useful information for homeowners and businesses to avoid having to deal with the problem. Living in the desert, in an area where summer temperatures can rocket past 110 degrees Farenheit, it may be easy to forget how cold things get during the winter—especially at nighttime. Temperatures near or below freezing are not unheard of. With area residents being so used to the warmer weather that takes up much of the year, they are often unprepared for dealing with the cold.

Leaking pipes and clogged drains in are a common call for plumbers. Meanwhile, plumbing contractors in Phoenix are all too familiar with the desperate cry for help when a pipe has burst and is flooding a home or shooting water off into the yard. There are a handful of things that can be done to avert this minor disaster.

First, if homeowners or businesses has any plumbing above ground outside the home, it is highly recommended that they pick up foam pipe insulation from a local hardware store. They can cut the foam to fit their plumbing and then secure it with plastic zip ties. During the warmer months, this insulation can be removed. In fact, during monsoon season, it is recommended that there be no insulation, because it can trap moisture over time, which provides mold a chance to grow. It may not seem like much, but keeping the cold air from coming in direct contact with outdoor pipes has a major effect when it comes to preventing freezing.

If homeowners have a home or cabin up in the mountains or in places like Show Low, the next bit of advice is especially helpful. When people leave the homes for an extended period of time, there is a tendency to try and minimize bills while gone. This often includes shutting everything off, perhaps even temporarily disconnecting utilities. However, the inside of the home should be kept to be at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything lower runs the risk of cold water in the pipes turning to ice and causing a big mess. By the same token, it is important to make sure to open cabinets and closets that may house indoor plumbing. This will allow the warmer air to circulate, so the closed off areas are not shut off and able to drop significantly in temperature as compared to the rest of the house.

It is also important that homeowners and managers be familiar with their various water supply valves. Some rooms or plumbing fixtures like sinks and water heaters may have their own water valve that can shut off water flow to the specific line. This can be very helpful in the event that a pipe does burst from freezing or for some other means. When this happens, water should be shut off immediately to minimize damage to the area surrounding the plumbing.

About Laszlos Plumbing: Fully licensed, bonded, and insured, Laszlos Plumbing provides commercial and residential plumbing in Phoenix, AZ. They work jobs big and small and also offer helpful advice on DIY projects. They have a commitment to their craft and quality, always putting the customer and their needs first.

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