Policy Intersections Research Center Releases Issues Snapshot on the use of Tax Payer Funds for Eugenics

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PIRC addresses tax-payer supported genetic counseling programs and the purpose of these programs.

Policy Intersections Research Center

Should the American tax-payer be subsidizing eugenic agendas? - Anthony Horvath, PIRC Executive Director

Policy Intersections Research Center (PIRC) has released an Issue Snapshot addressing the practice of using tax payer funds for genetic counseling programs with eugenic aims. Eugenics is defined by Websters Dictionary as "a science that deals with the improvement (as by control of human mating) of hereditary qualities of a race or breed." The PIRC believe there are many legitimate reasons to be involved in the study of human genetics and even the field of genetic counseling can be redeemed.

Anthony Horvath, PIRC Executive Director asks, "To what end is genetic testing directed and what services do the counselors really provide? Since there are rarely any cures available, doesn’t it boil down whether or not to abort the child?" He continues, "The founders of genetic counseling in the US knew that it did, and counted on it. Should the American tax-payer be subsidizing eugenic agendas?"

The American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) is today’s foremost advocate of genetic testing and counseling. About the ASHG, Horvath says, "They were instrumental in developing the genetic counseling programs that we have today and continue to emphasize the importance of theory of evolution on ‘medical genetics.’ For example, the ASHG has launched a program to educate the judiciary on their understanding of human genetics. In their curriculum, they state the field of genetics is nothing more really than the hand-maiden of evolutionary theory."

"On top of the grave possibility that eugenics agendas are presently at the back of genetic testing and counseling programs (perhaps unwittingly), there is the fact that these organizations receive huge amounts of our tax money," Horvath adds. He calls for the withdraw all government funding for programs outside the parameters laid out for the Federal government by the US Constitution. "If people and organizations care deeply about something, let them spend their own dollars. As it stands, they have masterfully concealed their work in layers of bureaucracies and agencies, and it is impossible to hold them accountable," he says.

PIRC's complete Issue Snapshot is available on their website.

About PIRC:
Policy Intersections Research Center was founded in November of 2012 by Anthony Horvath to better facilitate his pro-life and pro-liberty advocacy. He is also the director of the Christian apologetics ministry, Athanatos Christian Ministries. The author of numerous books and columns, he is a prolific writer. His writing includes non-fiction, featured primarily through his blog, and also fiction, featured especially through the Bard and Book author community.

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