Windham, ME Pest Control Specialist, Ants ETC Presents a Brief Guide to Winter Pest Control

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For those who think they do not need exterminator services in the cold winter months, professional pest control provider explains why perceptions may be off.

People tend to rely on a belief that they need to deal with bugs during the warmer and wetter spring and summer months, but that bugs are not an issue during the cold winter months—they simply go away. Unfortunately, Ants ETC—a specialist in pest control in Windham, ME—points out that this misconception simply is a misunderstanding of critters and bugs that homeowners and businesses deal with throughout the year. Numerous pests are not affected by the cold and they could easily be found hiding within the walls and between levels of a house or other building. Short of ripping out the drywall or sheetrock, though, there are a few telltale signs that will help you determine whether you need an exterminator during the winter or not.

Residents and business owners will often see a winged carpenter ant or flying ant during the summer months. If these are seen inside during the winter, however, it would indicate the potential for a more serious issue. During the warmer months, these insects are mobile and travel all around. This is not the case during the winter and seeing an ant in a home or business would most likely mean that their nest were in the same building. The same goes for those who may find termites, earwigs, or cockroaches in their home during the colder season.

It is more likely that homeowners will find rodents inside during the winter months, because mice and rats are trying to escape from the cold and snow to some place warm. They may go into the garage, in cabinets, storage closets, or in between walls. Spiders and bed bugs are two other critters that are likely to migrate into a residence during the cold winter months as well.

Keeping this in mind, it becomes readily apparent as to why Maine pest control is best done all year round. Some question the wisdom of this, because they do not see a problem with bugs during the winter season like they do during the summer. The reality is, those same people cannot see what is going on behind the walls or under the floors. Insects and rodents are making nests to keep them warm. They may be less active due to the cold, but they are certainly still around.

About Ants ETC
Ants ETC. was founded by Matt Stover in an effort to provide the highest quality pest control service in Windham, Maine and the surrounding area. With several years of experience with some of the largest exterminators in the industry, Ants ETC was started as a way to give clients that personal touch that the larger companies sometimes forget.

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