Off The Grid News Offers Their View On The Fast Approaching Fiscal Cliff

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In this week’s featured article, Off The Grid News offers their view of the current state of the fiscal cliff. They review what has led up to this point and what direction the United States is heading.

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How will [American’s] lives be impacted by the irresponsibility of the federal government borrowing from future generations to pay current bills?

Off The Grid News reviews the fiscal cliff situation in this week’s featured article. Marcus is the writer credited for this recent article. He offers his opinion and insights into the closing days of the fiscal cliff, but he does it from a position as someone heavily involved in the financial sector, according to Bill Heid, founder of Off The Grid News.

This timely article comes as the window of resolution begins to close with the fiscal cliff cutoff date just around the corner. The talks of what will happen if an agreement is not reached before the deadline are really heating up. House Speaker John Boehner cautioned Americans, “The American people re-elected President Obama on Election Day. They also re-elected a Republican majority in the House," Boehner said last week. "In doing so, they gave us all a mandate. It was not a mandate to raise tax rates on families and small businesses. It was a mandate for us to work together to begin solving the massive debt that threatens our country's future.”

In the article, Marcus reviews how the United States got into their current predicament, as well as his opinion of the current direction of the United States’ fiscal future. “Corporate bailouts, economic stimulus packages, reckless spending, and fighting two unpaid wars have caused the U.S. federal deficit to spiral out of control, reaching a current ballooned level of $16.358 trillion. With an estimated U.S. population of 314 million, each citizen’s share of the debt problem is an estimated $52,082.00.” He goes on to warn readers that, “The government deficit bubble has already begun to form in many nations around the world, and the U.S. is not immune to this growing problem.”

A Gallup poll released on December 26, 2012 revealed that Americans are increasingly skeptical that the fiscal cliff will be averted ( With the skepticism growing and the window of opportunity for a resolution shrinking by the minute, Marcus begs the question, “How will [American’s] lives be impacted by the irresponsibility of the federal government borrowing from future generations to pay current bills?”

Just this morning on The Today Show on NBC, Chuck Todd (NBC’s Chief White House Correspondent and Political Director) referred to the momentum of the fiscal cliff as, “total political paralysis.” During a conversation with The Today Show’s Co-Anchor, Savannah Guthrie, Todd stated, “They’re not even speaking Savannah, they’re not even having basic communication. So the idea that they’re going to come up with even a temporary compromise now seems a little farfetched.”

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