Central Automotive Provides Hyde Park, MA Auto Repair and Winterization Tips

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Hyde Park car mechanic advises tips to keep you safe and save you money this winter.

This is the time of year that many are faced with bills from holiday shopping and travel but one thing that cannot be overlooked is proper winterization and care of their car. Central Automotive provides professional insight on how car owners can keep their auto repair low and car owners safe.

First, as always, maintain a vehicle with scheduled checks and refilling fluids when needed is necessary. For example, getting an oil change every 3,000 mile depending on the type of vehicle one owns, the type of oil that is used, and how one drives will help to lessons the friction and wear of mechanical engine parts. Being sure that a vehicles tire is properly aligned and have the proper tread will allow for maximum stopping capabilities and enhance control on wet and snow covered road ways. To check the tire tread depth one simply needs a quarter. Place quarter head down in the tire tread groove. One should see that Washington head is more than half of it covered for snowy areas. This would be about 6/32 inch. It is important to have deeper treads on a tire because the tire will compress the snow into the tread groove and will release the snow as it rotates giving the car more traction and mobility. 6/32 inch of tread depth is recommended for safely driving in the snow – more is better and less is more risky.

Another thing that Hyde Park, MA car mechanics advises is the proper motor oil weight for specific vehicles during the months. While any manufactured approved oil should work in a vehicle, maximum efficiency in the colder months the lighter weight approved motor oil should be used in the winter months.

Drivers should also speak with their auto repair shop in Hyde Park in regards to checking the vehicles battery and alternator performance. The frigid cold can quickly deplete a car battery’s charge causing strain on the alternator. Nobody wants to be stuck in a parking lot or on the side of the road in a Massachusetts winter storm with a dead battery. An auto mechanic can test the vehicle to make sure that battery is putting out enough cranking amps and holding a charge as well as weather or not an alternator is functioning properly.

Central Automotive recommends that anyone that has not went through the steps needed to winterize their vehicle to seek the help of a qualified car mechanic for assistance.

About Central Automotive; Central Automotive is a car mechanic in Hyde Park, MA. They provide routine maintenance, emergency repairs, windshield repair, and more always adhering to the highest quality standards.

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