Unique New Year’s Resolution Encouraged On The Newest Episode Of Off The Grid News Radio

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This week’s hosts, Bill Heid and Brian Brawdy sit down with Dwane Thomas, the teacher behind “Visual Latin.” Throughout the show they review why learning Latin should be a consideration for a New Year’s resolution.

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I feel like our schools have certainly done a disservice to their students by not teaching English well and not teaching other languages well.

On this week’s episode of Off The Grid News Radio, co-hosts Bill Heid and Brian Brawdy sit down with “Visual Latin” teacher, Dwane Thomas. Heid speaks with Thomas about the importance of learning Latin as a second language and the impact of Latin on today’s society. They go on to review the perceived downfall of the quality of English being taught in today’s school systems.

“I feel like our schools have certainly done a disservice to their students by not teaching English well and not teaching other languages well,” says Thomas. He offers an explanation as to why learning a new language could help foster a better understanding and appreciation for a person’s primary language.

He goes on to talk about how Latin and Greek account for the root of a majority of the words in the English language. Thomas describes languages such as English and Spanish as, “living and misbehaving languages.” On the other hand, he describes languages like Latin and Greek as being an “ancient and more well-behaved, bite-sized” language. This allows him to illustrate to the listeners that mastering an ancient “bite-sized” language can help a person understand the behavior of more modern languages.

Following the interview with Dwane Thomas, co-host Brian Brawdy makes a point about the direction of the show. He says, “We are generally helping you prepare for the worst, but what’s kind of cool about today’s show is that we’re getting you ready to prepare for the best [by learning a new language].”

Heid and Brawdy change direction by visiting the snowballing topics of gun control and America’s financial future. They offer their take on why gun control is being pushed along so much and what the outcome will be.

During their discussion about gun control, Heid and Brawdy draw the connection to the major political parties armed service guards and their push for gun control. Heid and Brawdy assess the value of trying to blame external factors that lead to tragedies like what happened in Aurora, Colorado or at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. “These are horrific tragedies. These are things that shake an entire nation,” says Heid. “Are guns the cause of these tragedies or is the root of the problem internalized within these individuals?”

To listen to the whole radio show, go to: http://www.offthegridnews.com/2012/12/27/are-you-ready-to-challenge-yourself-in-2013-with-dwane-thomas-episode-136/

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