Zachary Zaitzeff: New Report Disrespects and Exploits Bodies on Everest

A new report from Smithsonian reveals that there are more than 200 corpses frozen on Mount Everest, serving as trail marks for climbers. However, Zachary Zaitzeff, a climber who successfully summited the mountain, notes that this report is not as clear as it should be.

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New York, New York (PRWEB) December 31, 2012

While most people recognize Mount Everest for its incredible size, a recent article from Smithsonian Magazine paints a different picture, revealing that more than 200 bodies of past climbers have been found along the trails of Mount Everest, and more notably, serve as landmarks for those trying to make it to the pinnacle. However, Zachary Zaitzeff, an experienced mountaineer, comments on his own exposure to the mountain and notes that the Smithsonian report is one that verges on exploitation.

As someone who has successfully scaled the heights of Mount Everest, Zachary Zaitzeff notes that the climb to the top is no easy one, and should never be taken lightly by those who attempt to climb it. However, as the Smithsonian report notes, even the most experienced climbers can find themselves in life-threatening conditions while trying to summit the mountain. The article highlights such dangers and states, “More than 200 people have died in their attempt to scale Mount Everest. The mountain offers seemingly endless options for kicking the bucket, from falling into the abyss to suffocating from lack of oxygen to being smashed by raining boulders.”

While this may prove true, Zachary Zaitzeff notes that these are dangers every experienced climber is aware of, and risks that are not just present on Everest alone. He comments, “While the Smithsonian article portrays Everest as some sort of morgue, other Mountains, such as Mount Washington in New Hampshire, have had about the same amount of deaths on its slopes.”

Alan Arnette, fellow climber and friend of Zachary Zaitzeff recently responded to the same article noting that these bodies are not “casually walked over” by others trying to make it to summit; they are respected, but they are not all landmarks. Zaitzeff concludes, “At no time during my expedition on the south side of Everest did I use the body of a climber as a landmark. While many climbers have perished on Everest and their bodies have remained on the Mountain—due to the high altitude and the difficulty of removing them—the majority are no longer in plain sight because they have been covered with snow or have been avalanched off the mountain.”


Zachary Zaitzeff is the owner of two notable New York City burger joints, known as Zaitzeff Burgers. Opened in 2003, this popular restaurant has redefined the fast casual dining experience with delicious menu options that feature fresh and organic ingredients. In addition to his accomplishments as a successful restaurateur, Zachary Zaitzeff is also known for his experience as a mountaineer. Over the past few years, Zaitzeff has reached the summit of Mount Everest, as well as climbed historic mountains such as those in the Andes region, Mount McKinley and Mount Kilimanjaro. In addition to these pursuits, Zachary Zaitzeff is recognized for producing interesting abstract works of art, specializing in oil on canvas, as well as mixed media.


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