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Flooding has overwhelmed the United Kingdom in recent weeks, the repercussions of which include damaged property, injury and even death. While the UK public understand the potential impact flooding can have on personal property, they often fail to realise just how deadly even a "small" flood can be for motorists.

Advice for motorists when driving in floods

flooding in the UK December 2013

Motoring tips for driving in floods

According to Mercedes-Benz Hertfordshire in an ideal situation motorists should be off the road well before any flooding take place, but this cannot always be ensured. When motorists do encounter flooding, it is important that they are able to respond in a manner to will reduce the risk of injury or death. Keep the following hints in mind as you prepare for the possibility of operating a vehicle within a flooded area and check the Met Office website for recent updates:

Drive Slowly

This tip should seem somewhat obvious, but you would be surprised at how many otherwise smart motorists end up in accidents due to fast driving in wet conditions. Keep your driving slow and cautious from the moment you observe wet conditions. This will allow you to maintain better control over your vehicle, and most importantly, will prevent skidding.

Mild Braking

This hint goes hand in hand with the one explained above, for, if you drive slowly, you will find that it is easy to brake while employing minimal pressure. Hard braking greatly increases the chances of skidding, so keep your braking foot light whenever possible.

Tyre Maintenance

Keeping your tyres maintained is possibly one of the easiest ways to prevent accidents related to flooding. Worn Mercedes tyres should be replaced sooner than later, especially if stormy weather is included in the latest forecast. You will also want to make a point of regularly checking the inflation of your tyres. In addition to preventing hydroplaning, well-maintained tires will enable you to secure better gas mileage in good weather and bad. And whether you drive a used Mercedes or a hybrid vehicle, decent gas mileage is always a worthwhile pursuit.

Remain Calm

Despite your best efforts, skidding may occur. If and when it does happen, it is important to stay calm. By panicking, you are likely to make the situation even worse. While this advice falls under the umbrella of "easier said than done," you'll find that taking a deep breath and easing your foot off the gas pedal can greatly reduce the extent of the skidding.

Even if driving a premium vehicle such as the New Mercedes A Class, please remain aware of heavy rain and flood conditions which can still leave you at risk for a nasty motor accident. Use common sense as you navigate dangerous streets so that you are able to make it home in one piece.


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