Taking Care of Your Automobile as a New Year’s Resolutions

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New Year’s resolutions often involve a person’s goals for the next year but one item people often forget is to take care of the vehicle they use throughout the year. Here are a few car maintenance resolutions, from Comedy Driving, that motorists should consider for their vehicles next year in 2013.

Comedy Driving is a defensive driving school in Texas that has been teaching driving safety for over 10 years. They often recommend to students to inspect their vehicles to ensure safety. One place to start is a vehicle’s tire pressure since winter is here and tires tend to lose an average of 1 PSI per 10 degrees of temperature drop. Many motorists may be driving around at this moment with under inflated tires, which reduce traction on the road and can increase the chance of skidding. The yearly benefit of this is that it can help reduce uneven tire wear and increase the life of the tires.

Axel alignment is also a good idea each year in order to fix the displacement caused by the normal wear and tear of driving. Alignments help to ensure a more comfortable driving experience as well as help to increase the motorists control and driving awareness. When motorists get used to unaligned axel driving they tend to not notice roadway dangers such as potholes and bumps as much because they may assume its just how their vehicle rides along the pavement.

When is the last time the brake pads were checked? It is important to know how much brake life remains on the vehicle brake pads. Breaks wear and tear depend on usage of the vehicle. If the vehicle has a high pitch squeak that is not coming from an in-law, it may be coming from the tires it may be because it is time to replace the old brake pads. Having good breaks and regular maintenance will ensure the vehicle stops when asked to stop.

Check your fluids. Make sure the vehicle has plenty of fluids all around. For example, top the water or anti-freeze. Make sure there is enough windshield wiper fluid. Also, be sure to apply the correct type wiper fluid if the vehicle is driven in very cold weather to prevent the wiper fluid from freezing. Check the break fluids as well because the brakes will not work without it. It is also a good idea to refer to the car manual for recommended maintenance.

Clean your headlights to improve driving visibility. Aging vehicles start developing a cloudy film outside of the headlights. This cloudy film decreases the range of light on a vehicle, therefore, limiting visibility for the driver. This can easily be treated by cleaning it with cleaners sold at auto stores. Comedy Driving students’ are taught that visibility is very important while driving because poor visibility may increase the probability of an accident.

Proper maintenance during the winter or any season is not always a priority for a vehicle owner, but great maintenance can stretch the life of the vehicle and safer driving conditions.

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