A New Innovative Service Converts RSS Feeds Into Podcasts

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RSS-to-podcast provides an advanced and easy to use feed-to-podcast conversion engine to benefit both the content publishers and subscribers.

Interactive Voice News claims that modern prime focus on technological development has enforced the urge to receive news updates, the role and shape of which has changed dramatically over the past years. Almost everyone today uses the Internet or mobile devices to receive news updates. This opens the door for website and online business owners to access a massive, active market.

RSS to Podcast,” a new service provided by Interactive Voice News, enables the publishers of RSS feeds to monetize them and access a large number of subscribers.

RSS feeds are common place on almost every website, whether it is a blog, news network, social network or website selling products. RSS means ‘Really Simple Syndication’ and comprises short summaries of website content.

The RSS converter provided at http://www.rss-to-podcast.com may be used to convert the RSS feeds from the publisher’s website into audio formats or podcasts. The feed is converted from text to speech by advanced speech synthesizing software and an mp3 podcast is produced. The podcast can then be distributed to mobile devices for customers and users to listen to.

The RSS-to-podcast service also allows publishers to monetize their RSS audio podcasts by including audio or textual advertisements in their RSS feeds. Aside from offering website readers and subscribers a new form of RSS podcasts, low conversion costs and low monthly subscription fees of the RSS-to-podcast service provide publishers with an added opportunity to generate extra revenue.

Interactive Voice News can also develop www sites according to the preferences of individual publishers of podcasts, or develop dedicated services for listing RSS feeds, such as http://www.i-talks.com.

Mobile users have been enjoying the use of text to audio services on their devices with some of the great apps launched by Interactive Voice News. One of the features of modern communication is getting the news delivered when and where you want it to be delivered. Thanks to RSS-to-podcast, subscribers can listen to the latest news wherever and whenever they want it, whether traveling on the train or driving a car, without having to wait for the official news to appear on the radio.

This is a fantastic new take on the RSS feed and Interactive Voice News have certainly created a brilliant new concept which, undoubtedly, will have great future for them and their clients. Anyone who runs website or a web-based business should seriously consider using this great service to deliver their news and content.

More details and a demo of the RSS-to-podcast service can be found at http://www.rss-to-podcast.

Apart from the conversion of RSS channels to Podcast, Interactive Voice News provides the service of adding voice to web pages, HTML, emails, blogs, etc., so that their users can listen to their web pages instead of reading them. The AUDIO WWW service is intended for people / companies that have their own web page and want to make it available also in the form of voice. In order to operate this service, a web page requires a specifically configured Flash Player. By clicking on the play button in the Player, the user viewing the page can start to listen to the content in the audio format, generated by the speech engine on the basis of the text published on the page.

The service supports English, however, at a special request, other languages such as German, French, Spanish, etc., shall be rendered available. Two types of voice are available: female and male voice. The service allows companies using it to generate additional revenue, for example, by inserting advertising content in the audio version, which will be listened to by the user prior to hearing the content of the site. The Audio WWW service helps users who have a problem with standard reading of the content, such as mobile phone users, those who listen in parallel with the parties want to do other things, the elderly and visually impaired to get to websites. The service enables web pages to reach a diverse audience and allows them to meet its expectations.

According to Interactive Voice News, the audio WWW service is a perfect solution for the owners of web sites of companies, as well as websites, webmasters, bloggers.

To learn more please visit our site http://www.audio-http://www.com.


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