How Can Parents Look After Kids Teeth? eBooks Will Send Kids To Their Graves With All Natural Teeth Perfect and White Says Doctor and Author

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Author Dr. Garth Pettit’s revised and retitled eBooks, How Can I Look After My Kids Teeth?, will send kids to their graves with all natural teeth perfect and white, he claims. Dr. Pettit believes the new title will make it easier for parents and teachers to find titles online. All parent and teacher friendly eBooks have been enrolled in Amazon Kindle’s KDP Select making them borrowable, sometimes free.

Human Skull, All Permant Teeth Unblemished and White

That rot can easily be stopped he says. Those days are gone forever.

With the release of his revised and retitled eBooks How Do I Look After My Kids Teeth Dr. Garth Pettit is confident of greatly reduced oral diseases in children, with more parents, teachers and schools opting to teach children how to go to their graves with all natural teeth, perfect and white.

Traditionally for many centuries and for many generations children have been instructed to Brush Your Teeth and given whatever, if ever, an oral health education based on that old, unworthy oral hygiene instruction Brush Your Teeth. Sadly this has resulted in the vast majority of people going to their graves with few of or none of the teeth they inherited as a child, says Dr Pettit. That rot can easily be stopped he says, those days are gone forever.

“Currently, as an author, I live in an age blessed with the invaluable and numerous benefits of internet technology. This enables me as an author to create information products, have them published as eBooks and made available inexpensively to parents, teachers and schools throughout the world to use to teach kids oral hygiene and to give kids a simple but comprehensive oral health care education, with no lesson preparation time, that will keep kids orally healthy for life. Kids deserve that!” said Dr. Pettit.

KDP Select eBooks are borrowable for Amazon Prime Members. To become a member simply click the link in any Amazon book details. Dr. Pettit can also make eBooks available for free in promotions. Please read details below for the current free promotions.

“I am particularly excited about this because the two eBooks chosen for the free promotions are both relevant to oral hygiene instructions for children and precede the ten oral health care education lessons in the eBooks that follow them,” said Dr. Pettit.

The revised, retitled 13 English Edition eBooks are:
How Do I Look After My Kids Teeth? 1 of 12 ... 12 of 12
How Do I Look After My Kids Teeth? 1 thru 12

La version révisée, rebaptisé 13 édition français eBooks est :
Commentaire broches-je m'occuper de mes entailles des Enfants ? 1 des 12 ... 12 des 12
Commentaire broches-je m'occuper de mes entailles des Enfants ? 1 à 12

Die überarbeiteten, später umbenannt in 13 deutsche Ausgabe eBooks sind:
Wie pflege ich meinen Kinder Zähne sehen? 1 von 12... 12 von 12. Wie pflege ich meinen Kinder Zähne sehen? 1 bis 12

Riveduta, rinominata 13 Italian eBooks edizione sono:
Come faccio a occuparmi dei miei denti Bambini? 1 di 12 ...12 di 12. Come faccio a occuparmi dei miei denti Bambini? Da 1 a 12

Revisado, renombrada como 13 eBooks Spanish Edition es:
¿Cómo cuidar los dientes de mi hijo 1 da 12 ... 12 da 12
¿Cómo cuidar los dientes de mi hijo 1 a 12

A revista, renomeado para 13 edição portuguesa eBooks É:
Como cuidar meus dentes de crianças? 1 de 12 ... 12 de 12.
Como cuidar meus dentes de crianças? 1 a 12

The following eBooks are scheduled for purchase free during the 5 day period from February 08, 2012 at Midnight PST until February 12, 2012 at Midnight PST:
English 1, ASIN: B004ZR9CY4 English 2, ASIN: B004ZQRKXA | French 1, ASIN: B0051ACTWS French 2, ASIN: B0051ACRUA | German 1, ASIN: B0054ZFZG0 German 2, ASIN: B0053RG8R4 | Italian 1, ASIN: B0053TG98K Italian 2, ASIN: B0053TG98A | Spanish 1, ASIN: B0053SH1JC Spanish 2, ASIN: B0053SH430 | Portuguese 1, ASIN: ASIN: B00547QWFQ Portuguese 2, ASIN: B00547QXP0

All editions of Dr Garth Pettit’s eBooks are available from this Amazon link excepting during a free offer period for a particular eBook:

About Author Dr. Garth Pettit
Dr. Garth Pettit graduated from School of Dentistry, University of Adelaide, South Australia in 1953. He retired from general dental practices in Australia and England in December 1991. Dr. Pettit returned to dentistry from 1996 until September 2010 while researching for books to prevent oral disease in children. The author’s most recently published Amazon Kindle eBooks are his Oral 7™ Hygiene Paint Your Mouth concepts as apply to ages beyond children: HOW TO KISS Sensational Sensation Secrets. All his eBooks will be published in 2 further editions, Chinese and Japanese, when Amazon Kindle enables translations.

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