Quick Milestones for Aura Laser Skin Care’s Fractional CO2

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State-of-the-art “resurfacing” treatment is reshaping the skin-care industry – and redefining Seattle, Washington-based Aura Laser Skin Care, where record numbers of patients are lining up for “DOT Therapy.”

Aura Laser Skin Care

Aura Laser Skin Care

This announcement reflects well on both the Aura Laser Skin Care clinic and the Fractional CO2.

Aura Laser Skin Care announced today the treatment of its 1,000th patient with its new Fractional CO2 laser therapy system, which first debuted just 10 weeks ago.

The Seattle-based skin clinic, which operates facilities in the Bothell and Kirkland neighborhoods of Seattle’s Eastside area, is well known for its cutting-edge tools and techniques, including its unique focuses on ethnic skin types and male patients, both rarities in the skin-care industry. Now add the Fractional CO2 laser therapy and Dermal Optical Thermolysis, a.k.a. DOT therapy, to that forward-thinking list.

“We’re blown away, frankly,” said Nader Issa, a former Microsoft software engineer who cofounded Aura Laser Skin Care with his wife, Katy, in 2005. “We knew the Fractional CO2 system was good, but we didn’t know how good. And we knew it would help create business, but we never dreamed it would have so profound an effect that we’d basically be averaging over 100 treatments a week.”

“We are extremely proud to reach this 1,000-patient milestone so quickly,” he added. “This announcement reflects well on both the Aura Laser Skin Care clinic and the Fractional CO2.”

Fractional CO2 laser therapy is designed to deliver the power of carbon dioxide-based lasers – still considered the high-water mark of laser-based wrinkle treatments – while dramatically reducing recovery times and potential complications. The system’s fractionated laser beam destroys old skin cells and induces new collagen formation through thousands of tiny columns; this pinpoint approach eliminates the skin wounds and open sores common to older CO2 treatments.

One reason Aura Laser Skin Care has been able to share this new system with so many patients is the relative speed of individual treatments. DOT Therapy with the Fractional CO2 laser usually runs under an hour per treatment, meaning the system not only offers the ideal response to sun damage, wrinkles, acne scars and other skin-damaging ailments, but does so quickly – while also promoting rapid healing.

“Even though we only introduced it at the very end of last year, it’s already among our most popular and sought-after services,” said Katy Issa, who as Aura Laser Skin Care’s Lead Aesthetician personally consults on every Fractional CO2 treatment along with the Clinic Physician. “We’ve had some rave reviews. Our patients are really happy, and of course so are we. From acne scarring to skin tightening, it’s really amazing, what this thing can do.”

The addition of the Fractional CO2 and its DOT protocols follows several other significant developments at Aura Laser Skin Care. The clinic has slowly but steadily introduced new products and services specifically catering to darker-skinned patients and to men, and focusing on these routinely underserved populations has been a smashing success for Aura.

The clinic set new records in 2011 for the number of patients seen and the number of successful treatments administered (it doubled its 2010 business, Katy Issa noted), and recently announced the hiring of four additional aestheticians – tripling its aestheticians staff to a total of six.

“We’ve been very fortunate in growing Aura Laser Skin Care as we have,” Katy Issa noted. “And there’s no doubt that advances like the Fractional CO2 laser are a big part of that success. This customizable treatment is minimally invasive, treats multiple issues simultaneously and requires little anesthesia, sometimes none at all. It’s a dream come true for patients and cosmetic surgeons alike.

“We expect the Fractional CO2 and other progressive components of our clinic will allow us to continue to expand our patient base and grow our business, not only in 2012 but in the years to come,” she added. “That 1,000th patient, in a sense, is really just the beginning.”

About Aura Laser Skin Care
Operated by husband-and-wife team Nader and Katy Issa, Aura Laser Skin Care is a highly regarded skin clinic and medical spa with two locations in the Seattle Eastside area. Aura Laser offers cutting-edge aesthetic and anti-aging skin treatments in a beautiful spa setting, including the popular new Fractional CO2 treatment. Now staffed by a Physician, six Medical Aestheticians, and two Medical Assistants, the clinic prides itself on a friendly customer experience that includes manageable prices, free consultations and various financing options.


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