Introducing sellAring®, the First Audio-based Mobile Ad Network for Smartphones. A brand New Medium - with Un-tapped Advertising Real Estate

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Advertising. It’s everywhere. For many advertisers on a tight budget, that’s a problem. Competing for the consumer’s attention. Breaking through all that advertising clutter. Needless to say, what the world could use right now is a new and unique advertising platform.


Using breakthrough patent-pending technology, sellAring replaces the Ring Back Tone with ten-second audio ads.
The Ring Back Tone is a “faux” ring the phone network produces to indicate that it’s in a connection mode; starts to play even before the dialed phone actually rings and continues until the call is answered. sellAring utilizes this unused duration of time to deliver a 10-second audio ad.
Hence, a new and unique ad platform creating un-tapped real estate for advertisers — and, for app developers, a powerful new revenue stream.


Unlike traditional mobile ads, the message is planted not through the eyes but the ears — making the message more engaging. After all, the smartphone user is already in a listening mode.

And the smartphone market is immense and growing rapidly. There are currently over 150 million Android smartphone users, with one million devices activated every day.

To reach a comparable size audience via a more traditional medium such as television would require advertisers, for example, to purchase a Super Bowl commercial (111 million viewers) and also, let’s say, a pricey spot on The Oscars (32 million viewers). Well, you get the picture. It’s a big one.


For advertisers, app developers and smartphone users, replacing the call setup Ring Back Tone with sellAring audio ads is a win-win-win.

1)    Advertisers win. They get a more engaging ad for better ROI, and are able to see higher, better
conversions through a new delivery method and location-based targeting. Ads are targeted by app type, behavior, location and time of day, and are sold on a CPM and CPC basis. There’s even a unique “Click to Action” menu after the call is completed which creates real leads. And because it’s installed on the phone device, bypassing wireless service providers, sellAring activation does not require third party approval.

2) App developers win. They earn considerably more revenue — without compromising the usability or aesthetics of their app. Fact is, sellAring permits developers to keep all existing services and revenue while providing an additional source. Everything to gain, nothing to lose.

3) Android smartphone users win. They get a free app and a far better experience since they’re able to engage with apps without the interference of banner ads or other methods offered by traditional advertising. And because it takes ten seconds before their call rings on the other end, their call is never delayed. Not even by a nanosecond.


Case in point, when a window ad pops up and it gives you the option to "skip this ad", does anybody not skip it?

Can the smartphone caller dismiss the audio ad during its play? No. The 10-second ad always plays in full since the actual time it takes for the call to be answered, on average, is 19 seconds.

Being the first and only audio-based mobile ad network for smartphones makes sellAring, for many app developers, the next big thing — and for advertisers, The New Media.

To learn more about sellAring and why it’s ears ahead, contact: press(at)sellaring(dot)com 617-903-0218
Ra'anana. Israel

Patent pending for “Method and apparatus for Ringback tone replacement with downloaded audio files.”

About sellAring inventor/CEO Zohar Halachmi:

Before founding sellAring, he served as VP global sales of ECI telecom. Prior, he served as VP Asia at Amdocs. He founded Thetis Technologies and was the first to offer SaaS solutions (Software As A Service) to enterprise. Mr. Halachmi also lectures at the Technion – Israel institute of Technology and at Tel Aviv University.


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