Hollywood Celebrities Know That Imitation Diamonds Are “A Girl's Best Spend”

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Will It Be Fashionable to be Frugal at the Academy Awards This Year? BorrowedBling.com says "YES!" One of the best kept "celebrity secrets" in Hollywood is now being shared with America and the impact will surely be evident at this year's award shows. BorrowedBling.com has been supplying jewels to stylist, tv shows and celebrities for over a decade, but no one was talking about the service they provided....until now!

Will It Be Fashionable to be Frugal at the Academy Awards This Year?

While watching the approaching season of award shows this year, from the Oscars to the Grammys, surely everyone will be noticing all of the gorgeous jewelry adorning the biggest A-listers in the industry, as many viewers look on and fantasize about how amazing it would be to have a wardrobe of jewels like that. Well don’t be so quick to assume that you can’t, or that those dreamy diamonds are the real thing and that they actually belong to those stars. In fact, many celebrities are now openly discussing how they rent items, or often wear imitation diamonds, which are now available to the public at BorrowedBling.com http://www.BorrowedBling.com

In Fox News’ story “Fake Jewels Are A Girl’s Best Friend,” they revealed that “today’s hottest baubles are fake and they're winding up on stars like Madonna, Cameron Diaz and Gwen Stefani.” In another story on Glam.com, Teresa Giudice, from The Real Housewives of New Jersey, claimed that most of the jewelry that she’s been seen wearing is fake. Most recently, when glamorous Hollywood icon Joan Collins appeared on “The Talk,” host Sharon Osbourne grabbed a gorgeous ring on Joan’s finger exclaiming, “Hand it over Mrs.!!” To which Joan replied, “It's not real, keep it! I can get another one. I like to wear things that aren't real during the day.” In fact, many celebrities have all counted on the reasonably priced bling from the nation’s leading website for renting and purchasing affordable imitation diamonds, BorrowedBling.com, to deck them out in shimmer and sparkle for over a decade.

Borrowed Bling has a wide, impressive line of “Celebrity Jewels”, which have recently been made available to the public for rent or purchase. That’s right! These affordable fakes, which can fool even the best jewelers, are now available to the public on the BorrowedBling.com website. What’s better than being a “kid in a candy store”? Being a grown-up with unlimited access to hundreds of blinging baubles for one low flat-rate price, as low as $29.95 a month!

With today’s advances in science and manufacturing, there doesn’t seem to be much point to buying only genuine stones since these trend-setting faux jewels look as good as what you'd expect to find in the best designer jewelry stores. In fact, they can be worn side-by-side with genuine gems because there is no visual difference. What could be smarter? Renting and buying imitation jewels seems to be the choice for many of today’s Hollywood A-listers, and the public is eager to take advantage of this money-saving trend as well.

People are concerned with watching their budgets and company founder, Carol Wexler, feels that fashion shouldn’t suffer due to the current challenging financial times. “If celebrities are now boasting with pride about being frugally fashionable, then why can’t the public do it too?” asks Wexler. The website’s current members, totaling over 1500 and increasing daily, show that there is a growing demand for buying and renting top quality man-made stones, not just in Hollywood, but in the mainstream too. Is this growing trend due to the fact that most people can’t afford to buy the ten and twenty thousand dollar pieces that they used to? According to Wexler, the answer is “no!” She explains:

“The choice to buy imitation diamonds isn’t about what someone can or can’t afford. Some of the biggest stars in Hollywood have been mixing fakes in with their real jewels for decades, but up until recently it was a well-hidden secret. But, with the recent hard economic times people have gotten smarter about how they spend their money. Shoppers want others to know that they are not being so frivolous and extravagant anymore, because that now seems wrong or irresponsible and it certainly is no longer necessary. “More expensive” is no longer seen as better. With advanced technology in man-made stones, some of the prettiest designs out there can cost less than $200 nowadays. When it comes to jewels, people are starting to go with what they see and love, regardless of the stones’ origin or value. If they can get something they adore and want to flaunt, and yet it doesn’t break the bank, then all the better! Also, with trends and tastes changing from season to season, going with an affordable fake makes us feel less guilty about leaving old jewelry pieces behind as we trade them out for the newest and latest. That’s why the trend of renting items, instead of buying, is on the rise as well and why Borrowed Bling just had its most successful year in 2011.”

Company Information: BorrowedBling.com is one of the nation’s leading websites for buying or renting affordable, yet completely authentic looking, faux diamonds. Owner, Carol Wexler, has been working in the jewelry industry since 1999 and the website was released to the public in 2006. BorrowedBling.com will make you look and feel like a celebrity!

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