Mathematical Universe and its Laws of Physics: Understanding Human Presence as a Part of the Space-Time Continuum

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Generating a scientific awareness on ‘How we exist in relation to the universe’ is a new initiative being taken by Neeti Sinha through her company Perceptions. Utilizing concepts in mathematics, findings in physics, and taking into account the role of the mind, Dr. Sinha will show how the Ultimate Reality can be accessed scientifically. The subject of the Ultimate Reality will be communicated through guest talks and in the form of books and articles.

Mathematical universe and us

Human existence in relation to all that there is: A scientific explanation

Human exists through quantum fluctuations and cosmic expansion.

Neeti Sinha has announced a new initiative to demonstrate an understanding on how humans exist as a part of the grand mass-energy framework. According to Neeti, discoveries in physics and the way mathematics exists and evolves illustrate the hidden Ultimate Truth, when we take into account the role of the mind in what we see (or do not see). Science illustrates the Ultimate Truth the same way as told by enlightened beings.

As part of the new initiative, Neeti Sinha has launched Perceptions, a company created with the goal of scientifically explaining, in common man’s language, the human presence in the universe. The basis of the new initiative taken by Neeti is her own scientific background and understanding, and self realization. Utilizing theories in physics and concepts in mathematics, the talks and presentations will illustrate how all that exists and operates remains unified through the all pervading metaphysical realm; how the physical forces shield the ultimate reality; how humans exist through parallel universes. The company’s website,, gives a thorough introduction to this subject, providing a glance at how mathematics in its astonishing beauty stands alone in illustrating the Ultimate Reality and how physics corroborates what mathematics show. The website also includes information on Neeti Sinha’s upcoming book, “How we exist in relation to the Universe,” and an introductory presentation.

In Neeti’s words, “Whether we talk about the unified theory in physics or a non-dual metaphysical state referred by enlightened beings, the goal is to understand how entities of the universe remain unified through a grand scheme. Findings in physics typically address the existence and operations of mass-energy forms through the universal forces. On the other hand, the knowledge of the metaphysical state is pertaining to the revelation of what lies beyond the physical entities.” Neeti Sinha proposes a scientific understanding on how all the entities of the Universe, including humans, exist and operate through the metaphysical non-duality. The subject is of interest to anyone who wants to understand the Ultimate Reality of the physical entities, desires the knowledge of what lies beyond what we see, or is looking to understand what living means in scientific terms.

Neeti remarked, "The Ultimate Reality can be accessed by combining three sets of information- I) The universe is mathematical II) All that exists remains unified through the laws of physics, and III) The existence of mind. Mathematics, in its exclusivity, powerfully illustrates how all the mass-energy forms, which include humans, exist and operate as a grand unified entity. Advances in physics corroborate what mathematics illustrates. Taking into account the role of mind mathematics and physics can show how humans exist and operate as a part of the space-time continuum; how humans exist through the laws of physics; what is our ultimate identity; what lies beyond physics; what lies beyond the five senses; our connectivity through physical and metaphysical realms. "

Neeti says, "A scientific quest to understand human presence in the grand unification is an endeavor that involves decoding how science directs us to what lies beyond science. The presence of humans in the universe pertains to the existence of physical as well as mind entities. A profoundly significant subject on the existence of mind in reference to the theories in physics, and the mathematical nature of the universe has been overlooked. Without this information the grand unification cannot be proposed. Accounting the entities of the mind in all that exists and operates delineates the ultimate nature of human existence. Upon accounting the role of mind the ultimate nature of any mass-energy form can be comprehended."

“All of the mathematical concepts and their evolutions, and all of the discoveries in physics and the theories around them unambiguously point toward the ultimate hidden truth, illustrating how the physical realm typifies a grand dream state.”

About Perceptions: Center for higher learning (by Neeti Sinha)
The new initiative by Neeti Sinha involves communicating the subject of Ultimate Reality via guest talks, and writing books and articles. Accessing the Ultimate Reality through ravishing details that physics and mathematics offer is the current undertaking of this company. Neeti Sinha says,” The Ultimate Truth can be accessed scientifically, or from beyond scientific perspectives. The subject can be understood by all, even those who do not have advanced degrees in science. "

Neeti Sinha holds Ph.D. from Oxford University. She was a post-doctoral fellow at NIH, and has researched and taught in advanced fields.

The above figure signifies the human presence through quantum fluctuations and cosmic expansion, the explanation pertains to the subject Neeti Sinha is initiating. The universal wavy-ness in the figure signifies fluctuations noted at quantum levels. The enclosed attachment gives a preliminary account on the subject of the Ultimate Reality.


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