Houston and El Paso Feel the Butterfly Effect: New Opportunities for Children with Autism

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Butterfly Effects is looking to help Texas families raising children with autism. Currently, delivering services in areas across the nation, the Butterfly Effects network bringing its progressive approach to Texas where both large urban centers and remote rural counties remain underserved.

To meet the needs of family caregivers in Texas, especially those raising children with autism, Butterfly Effects is now offering a complete range of services in the cities and surrounding areas of Houston and El Paso. Already delivering services in locales across the nation, the Butterfly Effects network now brings its progressive model of education, therapeutic, and behavioral services to these parts of Texas where both large urban centers and remote rural regions remain underserved.

Service for individuals with disabilities in Texas has fallen to alarmingly low levels in recent years, especially early intervention services for children evidencing signs of autism. The increasing needs presented by a rapidly growing population compounded by limited resources and a limited number of qualified providers have made Early Intervention an area of significant deficit in Texas. The problem is made even more profound by a limited understanding about the importance of treatment for children, especially the very young.

Butterfly Effects is a strong proponent of Early Intervention services for young children evidencing signs of autism or developmental delays. “It’s absolutely essential that parents seek out services as soon as possible,” says Butterfly Effects founder and CEO Charlotte Fudge. “Early Intervention can make all the difference in how a child develops. Parents need to know that services are often available for young children even without an official diagnosis.”

While Butterfly Effects may not be able to get the Texas legislature to increase funding right away, it can help improve awareness and make an immediate impact on the provider deficit. Its highly experienced case coordinators can also help families access what private insurance and state funding is available.

Access Butterfly Effects autism supports at http://butterflyeffects.com/company/life-changing-autism-supports

Butterfly Effects offers a wide range of services for children and adults with genetic or acquired disabilities, including Autism, developmental disabilities, cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, ADHD, and Alzheimer’s. Nearly all of its services are delivered one-on-one in the client’s home or school, or other natural environments.

All Butterfly Effects personnel are trained in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Supported by over 30 years of scientific research, ABA-based interventions are highly effective across a number of populations. They are used to teach new skills and habits, and eliminate problematic behaviors through positive reinforcement.

As a therapeutic intervention for children with autism, ABA stands alone. It is recognized as the only type of treatment that is regarded “objectively substantiated as effective” by the Association for Science in Autism Treatment. This opinion has also been voiced by a number of state and national agencies, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, National Institute of Health, U.S. Surgeon General, and the FDA. It is also supported by TRICARE insurance for military families for which Butterfly Effects is an approved provider.

To find out about TRICARE benefits for military families, visit http://butterflyeffects.com/company/autism-programs-for-military-families.

With so many children not receiving services in Texas, it's especially important that families raising a child with Autism make the investment in ABA-based interventions as early as possible. Family caregivers can learn from trained ABA tutors how to communicate with their children and learn how they can help improve their children's opportunities to advance and become functional participants in school and beyond.

Originally founded in Florida in 2004, Butterfly Effects has grown rapidly in many areas across the nation to now include over 300 professional psychologists, therapists, educators, and caregivers.

“One of our primary goals is to eliminate the fragmentation that often turns what should be complementary services into competing services,” says Mrs. Fudge. “We practice continuous case coordination designed to provide support and services during all the phases and transitions through which an individual will pass. This allows us to plan early and proactively, building the skills and the support network that will allow a person to achieve his or her greatest potential and realize as much independence and community connection as possible. However, in Texas, we have to do what we can to fill the provider gap especially with young children. That has to be the first priority."

To access information about Butterfly Effects Family Caregiver supports visit http://butterflyeffects.com/services/family-caregiver-support.

Butterfly Effects services include:

  • Screening, Testing, and Evaluation
  • Early Intervention for children evidencing autism and other developmental challenges
  • Behavioral Interventions for children and adults
  • Mental Health Evaluations and Therapy
  • ASHA-Certified Speech and Language Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Sensory Integration Training
  • Educational Support including testing, school readiness, IEP development, homeschool support, fundamental and advanced academic tutoring
  • Transitional Support and Life Skill Training
  • Companion Care and Respite Care for adults
  • Respite and Babysitting, and Mother’s Helper Services for infants and children,
  • Family Caregiver Support and Training
  • Case coordination including help with insurance and paperwork

A butterfly effect is one in which a small action leads to great results. When such an action is conscious, anything is possible.

Family members can put their own butterfly effect into motion by calling (888) 880-9270 or visiting the Butterfly Effects website at http://butterflyeffects.com/.

Qualified ABA tutors and other providers with the right training and positive personality are invited to make application to join the Butterfly Effects team by calling or visiting the website. We will help relocate those professionals who are interested in serving areas of high demand.


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