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Fairview Imprints LLC is offering a free trial of its new online placement and promotion system - Performance Style Type Indicator (PSTI). Dr. Robert P. Delamontagne, PhD., inventor of the new system, indicates that their testing has shown an accuracy level of between 85 and 90 percent.

“Placement decisions are really financial decisions because so much of a firm’s performance depends upon the performance of those who are selected,” states Dr. Robert P. Delamontagne, PhD., PSTI inventor.

Following several years of research, Dr. Delamontagne has created the concept of Performance Style Typing, an Internet-based assessment system that identifies nine distinct personality types and the unique performance style that each type has to offer an organization. Company managers and human resource directors acknowledge that making sound selection and placement decisions have been a judgment call at best, based on traditional and unreliable indicators of future performance. In a hyper-competitive marketplace and a struggling global economy, it is more important than ever to make sound placement decisions and reduce the financial risk of mismatched candidates. Dr. Delamontagne states, “Placement decisions are really financial decisions because so much of a firm’s performance depends upon the performance of those who are selected.”

Putting past performance, IQ, and creativity aside, and acknowledging the wide diversity of basic human behavior, PSTI isolates the characteristics of the performance types that serve to determine the best possible match of human qualities to the success requirement of the job. The nine types outline natural inclinations and unique talents that help with strategic placement in any sized company or organization.

  •     Analyzer – Performance projection is to fix things
  •     Caregiver – Performance projection is to help others
  •     Striver – Performance projection is to win
  •     Artist – Performance projection is to inspire
  •     Thinker – Performance projection is to provide leading edge thinking
  •     Contributor – Performance projection is dependability and consistent contribution
  •     Networker – Performance projection is likability and persuasiveness
  •     Leader - Performance projection is command and control
  •     Supporter – Performance projection is desire to keep things organized and progressing

Dr. Delamontagne indicates that “people have different ways of performing that are natural extensions of who they are as people. When you align their performance style with that required by the position - that’s when the magic happens.” Talent often presents itself in disguise. The PSTI is not just a selection tool, but an organizational development tool. It can not only help an organization to make more effective hiring decisions, but placement and promotion decisions as well. It can answer the vital question, “What is the optimum performance style for this position based on the performance style of those who are most successful doing the job?”

The PSTI can be employed by any size company to help define what the company needs and accomplish the objectives of screening, placement, training, promotion, retrofitting and onboarding success.

For more information on PSTI or to schedule a free trial, please send your inquiry to Dr. Robert Delamontagne at rpd(at)performtype(dot)com.

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